Marketing and Communications
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Marketing and Communications is a division of University and Student Advancement.

Branding project

What is a brand?

naturally inspiring lawn stencil

Our brand is the sum of all of the experiences one has with UAF, or the promise of an experience.

From the time a student calls for information, visits our website or arrives on our campus, what impressions stand out -- especially when compared to our competitors? These associations exist in the minds of our stakeholders and over time become our brand, or reputation. Branding is the process of discovering and communicating the brand. 

In 2011, UAF embarked on market research to gather feedback about what people think and how they feel about UAF. After conducting focus groups, in-depth interviews, secondary research analysis and a major survey, we found that our stakeholders -- our staff, faculty, students, prospective students, alumni and community members -- view UAF as the following: 

  • We are a welcoming and embracing community
  • We are located in a stimulating and energizing environment that allows us to do the work, research and many activities we all love.
  • We are authentic in that people can be who they want to be and are readily accepted.
  • At UAF you get practical value: a quality education for an affordable price.

In a nutshell: it is our geographic location on the map, this place called "Alaska" and our many unique programs that make UAF so special. It is what allows us to offer everything from certificates to PhDs, to conduct the cutting edge research we are known for and yet offer relevant courses unique to our many diverse students both urban and rural. At UAF our students are immersed in hands-on learning. UAF is Naturally Inspiring.

Brand introduction

UAF Marketing and Communications will be launching a new marketing campaign November 2012.  The new marketing campaign will feature television, radio and print ads as well as updated information on how the UAF campus can champion our brand.

"If you ignore your uniqueness and try to be everything for everybody, you quickly undermine what makes you different."

-- Jack Trout, author of "Differentiate or Die: Survival in Our Era of Killer Competition."