2007-2008 UAF Catalog

Faculty, Staff and Emeriti

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Gaffney, Michael J., Associate Professor of Alaska Native Studies, Emeritus. San Francisco State College ’63, BA; University of California, Los Angeles ’68, MA; ’73, PhD. (1974-1994).

Gasbarro, Anthony (Tony) F., Associate Professor of Forestry Extension, Emeritus. Colorado State University ’62, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’79, MS. (1973-1996).

Gatterdam, Ronald (Ron) W., Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics, Emeritus. California Institute of Technology ’61, BS; University of Southern California ’65, MA; University of California, Irvine ’70, PhD. (1982-2003).

Geist, Charles R., Professor of Psychology, Emeritus. University of San Diego ’68, BS; University of Montana ’73, MA; ’75, PhD. (1974-1999).

Gilmore, John C., Professor of Physical Education, Emeritus. Stanford University ’54, BA; ’58, MA; ’67, EdD. (1968-1984).

Gilmore, Perry, Professor of Education, Emerita. Temple University ’66, BS; Temple University ’76, MS; University of Pennsylvania ’82, PhD. (1985-2000).

Gislason, Gary A., Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’66, BS; University of Oregon ’68, MS; ’70, PhD. (1970-2001).

Goering, John J., Professor of Marine Science, Emeritus. Bethel College ’56, BS; University of Wisconsin ’60, MS; ’62, PhD. (1962-1997).

Gordon, Bruce R., Professor of French and Spanish, Emeritus. Brown University ’37, BA; New York State College for Teachers ’42, MA; Syracuse University ’50, PhD. (1963-1977). Deceased.

Griese, Arnold A., Professor of Education, Emeritus. Georgetown University ’48, BA; University of Miami ’57, MEd; University of Arizona ’60, PhD. (1960-1980).

Guthrie, R. Dale, Professor of Zoology, Emeritus. University of Illinois ’58, BS; ’59, MS; University of Chicago ’63, PhD. (1963-1996).

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