2007-2008 UAF Catalog

Faculty, Staff and Emeriti

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Lambert, John P., Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus. University of Cincinnati ’64, BS; University of New Mexico ’68, MA; Claremont Graduate School ’82, PhD. (1982-1998).

Lando, Barbara M., Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emeritus. Georgian Court College ’62, BA; Rutgers University ’64, MS; ’69, PhD. (1969-1990).

Lando, Clifton (Clif) A., Associate Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus. Lehigh University ’62, BA; Rutgers University ’64, MS; ’69, PhD. (1969-1999).

Leekley, James R., Senior Scientist in Charge, Petersburg Fur Farm, Emeritus. Oregon State University ’38, BS. (1941-1972). Deceased.

Leipzig, John S., Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Emeritus and Professor of Communication, Emeritus . (1982-2002).

Lind, Marshall L., Chancellor, Emeritus. University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee ’58, BS; University of Montana ’65, MEd; Northwestern University ’69, PhD. (1999-2004).

Lister, Ruth, Director, Tanana Valley Campus, Emerita. McGill University ’64, BSc; University of Toronto ’65, MA; Cornell ’74, PhD;. (1991-1999). Deceased.

Logsdon, Charles E., Professor of Plant Pathology, Emeritus. University of Missouri-Kansas City ’42, BA; University of Minnesota ’54, PhD. (1953-1978). Deceased.

Lull, Janis, Professor of English, Emerita. University of Oregon ’67, BA; University of Minnesota ’82, MA; ’83, PhD. (1986-1996).

Lynch, Donald F., Professor of Geography, Emeritus. Yale College ’52, BA; Yale University ’65, PhD. (1970-1998).

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