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Carling, Donald E., Professor of Horticulture, Emeritus. St. Cloud State University ’67, BA; University of Missouri-Columbia ’69, MS; ’75, PhD. (1981-2003).

Carlson, Axel R., Professor of Extension, Emeritus. Michigan State University ’53, BS; Pennsylvania State University ’66, MS. (1965-1980).

Carlson, Robert (Bob) F., Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus. University of Wisconsin ’61, BS; ’63, MS; ’67, PhD; P.E. (1968-2005).

Cashen, William R., Professor of Mathematics & Marshal of the University, Emeritus. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’37, BS; University of Washington ’48, MA. (1942-1974). Deceased.

Choy, Terence T., Professor of Art, Emeritus. San Francisco State College ’65, BA; University of California, Berkeley ’67, MA. (1970-1990).

Clark, Bettie E., Head, Alumni Services and Career Planning and Placement, Emeritus. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’35, BS. (1962-1972). Deceased.

Clark, Vena A., Associate Professor of Home Economics, Emeritus. Cotner College ’25, BA; Iowa State University ’33, MS. (1953-1967). Deceased.

Clutts, Joan (Rusty), Professor of Education, Emeritus. Colorado College ’51, BA; University of Missouri ’69, MEd; ’69, EdD. (1961-1984). Deceased.

Colligan-Taylor, Karen, Professor of Japanese, Emerita. University of California, Berkeley ’71, BA; ’75, MA; Stanford University ’85, PhD. (1984-2001).

Cook, Donald J., Professor of Mineral Beneficiation, Emeritus. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’47, BS; ’54, EM; Pennsylvania State University ’58, MS; ’60, PhD; P.E. (1957-1979).

Cooney, R. Theodore (Ted), Professor of Marine Science, Emeritus. University of Washington ’64, BS; ’67, MS; ’71, PhD. (1970-1999).

Copus, Gary D., Professor of Justice, Emeritus. Georgia Institute of Technology ’67, BS; Sam Houston State University ’68, MS; University of Missouri ’72, PhD. (1974-2003).

Cornwall, Peter J., Associate Professor of History, Emeritus. University of Toronto ’62, BA; University of Michigan ’63, MA; ’70, PhD. (1971-2001).

Coughenower, D. Douglas, Professor of Fisheries and Marine Extension, Emeritus. Oregon State University ’63, BS; ’72, MS; ’74, MS. (1982-1998).

Cox, Clifford T., Professor of Accounting, Emeritus. University of Northern Iowa ’71, BBA; Kansas State University ’75, MBA; University of Iowa ’81, PhD. (1980-1994). Deceased.

Cutler, Howard A., Chancellor & Regents’ Professor of Economics, Emeritus. State University of Iowa ’40, BA; ’41, MA; Columbia University ’51, PhD. (1962-1983). Deceased.

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