Embrace and grow a culture of respect, diversity, inclusion and caring


At UAF, we work every day to operationalize the equity and inclusion that we seek to advance in Alaska and beyond. Genuine equity requires continual transformation: a thorough and deep examination and shift when needed in organizational practices, norms, culture and composition. At UAF, we deeply value a culture of respect, diversity, inclusion and caring. We are a positive, human-centric university focused on individual and community well-being. We celebrate the unique nature of our students and employees through strengths-based approaches.


  • Respect should not only imply tolerance but acceptance. A culture of respect at UAF would include honoring and valuing the individuals in our community. Members of our community would hold one another in an unconditional positive regard, and appreciate one another for being unique individuals whose different experiences and perspectives contribute to a greater whole. As a result, UAF employees and students would all feel a sense of worth and value.
  • A culture that embraces diversity at UAF would include individuals representing a wide array of backgrounds. At UAF the variety of community members would be respected and a source of pride. There would be representation that includes diversity within our leadership. With representation there would be increased opportunities for mentorship. By embracing diversity, the UA population would reflect the state demographics.
  • An inclusive culture goes beyond embracing diversity to ensure all members of our community are welcomed and supported. In this environment all people can participate and succeed. A culture of inclusion at UAF would mean that our environment — from artwork on display to marketing materials — would reflect our diverse community. Students would feel supported from their first day and would be able to see themselves represented at all levels and in all positions at UAF, from the student body to faculty and administrative leadership.
  • In a culture of caring, each person would show kindness and compassion as part of daily life. In a culture of caring we would demonstrate care toward others and ourselves, and we would recognize one another as a “whole person.” There would be a proactive focus on improving mental health and well-being.