As we approach the 100th anniversary of our charter, we will reflect on a century of growth and change that set our current trajectory to become recognized as one of the nation’s outstanding student-oriented research universities. The world is changing rapidly, demanding flexibility and nimbleness from an active citizenry. Over the past decade climate change and economic, social and environmental sustainability have emerged as significant issues. Today’s universities must educate students to address challenges yet to be identified and prepare graduates for jobs that do not yet exist. This Strategic Plan provides a map whereby UAF can capitalize on new opportunities and engage Alaskan communities in developing the state’s future. The seven goals and associated strategies provide a vision of how we see ourselves serving Alaska and the world in the coming years. 

The Strategic Plan was developed by dozens of faculty, students, and staff members. Led by a steering committee, participants were organized in subcommittees according to UAF’s five core themes and one for resources and capacity. Through this process it became clear that many of the University’s goals reach across more than one of our core themes, demonstrating the profound degree to which the mission is as integrated as it is complex. The Plan is organized around goals and corresponding strategies, each followed by a short elaboration. Associated core themes are identified after each strategy. In the final goal the strategies are relevant to all themes.

The Chancellor initiated the process of developing the UAF strategic plan in 2011 and a draft was completed in 2012. Because of the parallel Strategic Directions Initiative being carried out by the UA Statewide System, the final approval of the draft was delayed to allow for any revisions that might be needed to conform to the UA System document. That document, now titled Shaping Alaska's Future, was approved by the UA Board of Regents in April 2014 and incorporated into Board Policy in June 2014. Review of the UAF Strategic Plan showed that it was congruent with Shaping Alaska's Future, and Chancellor Brian Rogers formally approved the UAF Strategic Plan in April 2014.