Goal 3

Form active collaborations with communities, organizations, businesses and governments to meet identified state, national and global needs

By 2005, UAF will increasingly link its research, teaching and service to community, organizational, business and government entities to identify and meet state, national and global needs and achieve successes that each partner might not be able to do alone. UAF will work to develop collaborative partnerships to strengthen skills, leverage resources and share technology to accomplish the following:

  1. Build human resource capital.
    1. Offer vocational and technical programs to meet identified work force needs and spur economic development.
    2. Partner with K-12 educators to enhance educational opportunities for youth.
  2. Provide life-long learning opportunities.
    1. Tailor professional development training to the needs of communities and industry.
    2. Ensure all partners have access to continuing education opportunities.
  3. Develop and disseminate practical information and problem-solving strategies.
    1. Work proactively to apply research results to local, state, national and global needs.
    2. Provide practical information to the community through outreach efforts.
    3. Emphasize a timely and realistic response to community partnership projects.
  4. Foster excellence in art, culture and recreation.
    1. Ensure community access to UAF’s artistic, cultural and recreational events, and to appropriate use of university facilities for these purposes.
    2. Support cultural awareness in the community and opportunities for its expression