This plan was prepared by UAF's Strategic Planning Leadership.

John Whitehead, Chair
Professor, History Department, College of Liberal Arts

Mark Badger
Production Director, KUAC-TV

Mary Barsi-Steering Committee
Associate Professor, Business Administration, School of Management

John Goering
Associate Director, Institute of Marine Science

Kenneth Krieg
Extension Livestock Specialist, Cooperative Extension Service

Ruth Lister
Acting Director, Tanana Valley Campus, College of Rural Alaska

Dennis Long
Director, Career Planning & Placement, Student Services

Cecilia Martz
Assistant Professor, General Studies/CCC, Kuskokwim Campus, College of Rural Alaska

James Nageak
Assistant Professor, Alaska Native Language Center, College of Liberal Arts

Rainer Newberry
Professor, Geology/Geophysics Department, College of Natural Sciences

Annina Nielsen-Graduate Student Representative
Anthropology Department, College of Liberal Arts

Barbara Oleson
Administrative Assistant, Northwest Campus, College of Rural Alaska

Paul Reichardt-Steering Committee
Dean, College of Natural Sciences

Grace Schaible
Community Representative, Fairbanks, Alaska

Glenn Shaw
Professor, Physics Department, Geophysical Institute

Gerald Shields-Steering Committee
Professor, Biology & Wildlife, Institute of Arctic Biology

Peggy Shumaker-Steering Committee
Associate Professor and Head, English Department, College of Liberal Arts

Sue Thompson-ASUAF Representative (President, 1991-92)
Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks

Timothy Tilsworth-Faculty Senate Designee
Professor, Civil Engineering Department, School of Engineering

Keith Van Cleve
Professor, Forest Science Dept., School of Agriculture & Land Resources Management

Diane Wasuli
Student Assistant to the Strategic Planning Leadership, Chancellor's Office

Henrik Wessel-ASUAF Representative (President, 1992-1993)
Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks

Frank L. Williams-Steering Committee
Dean, School of Engineering

Resource Staff
Janice Reynolds, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Michael Rice, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
Thomas Gaylord, Associate Vice Chancellor, Planning, Computing, and Information Systems

Joan K. Wadlow, Chancellor, University of Alaska Fairbanks