Alternative Spring Break 2020


Parker Stone

Major: Biology


Gerald Montuya

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Katelyn Holmberg

Major: Anthropology

Mina Carroll

Major: Japanese


Heather Jensen

Major: Sport and Recreation Business


Nicole Miller

Major: Biology, Justice

Josephine Mahoney

Major: General Biology


Kat Rhynard

Major: General Studies


Alanna Greenwell

Major: Communications



ab 2

The Best Spring Break

I Could Ask For 

"I learned how fun service work could be. I had so much more fun than I would on a regular 'spring break' vacation. Although we had to work it was relaxing and a nice break from what I usually do in school. The end was rewarding, but the process going through it was rewarding as well. When you have a good team, people who care and share the same goals and values in mind as you, you get work done well and in a fun way! I was thinking the next time I travel abroad or to a different state or even just to the beach, I can find some volunteer work to do. I can help a local community somehow or pick up trash safely. It helped me realize that being 'guests' of this world is not as satisfying as being 'of service' to the world. We have opportunities to help people wherever we go, even when we are just on vacation, a place where we think we are entitled to luxury. I think by acting with this mindset in mind I can more effectively change into a better person and change the world. The lessons I learned here are going to be used for my whole life."

- Mina Carroll



abExtremely Rewarding

"It wasn't until the last day where we heard everyones stories where I truly understood the impact we had made. Even though we were just sanding and mudding, that meant the world to them and they can now start on another part of the house. I realized that our volunteer work means so much to the community around. I want to continue volunteering and doing service projects in my own and other communities."

Heather Jensen