Alternative Spring Break 2018


HannaRose Grout

Major: Social Work


Shania Perkins

Major:  Justice and Psychology


Adam Wurster

Major:  Sociology 


Patty Boonprasert

Major: Psychology

Michael Martins

Major: Mathematics


Hayden Jones

Major: Interdisciplinary 

Macalaugh Perkins

Major: Justice and Psychology


Laura Barber

Major: German Language and Literature



ab 2

Impactful Connections 

"This was my first experience being on Alternative Spring Break. I have heard so many stories about past trips and how great they were. Our Huston trip helped me turley get out of my comfort zone and reflect on growing my values as an individual.

We had the opportunity to do different kinds of service work while we were there. I remember our first day delivering new furniture and appliances to families who were relocated after the Hurricane, meeting them and sharing a connection was truly impactful. The other days, we worked on rebuilding houses. While learning some new construction skills along the way.

I learn a lot about myself and how far my limitations can actually go on this trip. Being surrounded by so many other students all with the same passion and mission was incredible. Not only did our AB team become closer from the experience, but we became closers with other AB teams as well. Seeing everyone come together with different skill sets and strengths to share with one another in order to complete a common goal, is life changing, not only for the people we were rebuilding the house for, but for the community as well. The work that everyone did wasn’t just a week-long volunteer trip, we were creating real social change."

- Adam Wurster



abExperiences That Will Last a Liftime

"Joining the Alternative Break team was the best way I could have spent my spring break. Alternative Break allowed me to meet other students who were passionate about volunteerism, work on planning and executing a large-scale project, and gain firsthand experience working with various nonprofits. 

 The 2017 trip to aid with hurricane relief in Houston, Texas, was a truly rewarding and fun experience. Each day, we were given goals, and were empowered to create our own plans to achieve them. On a given day, our tasks ranged from: "See that cast iron bathtub in the house? We need it on the street by lunch!" to "Create some mud,, and patch up this wall!" The skills I've gained on these trips have been immensely valuable to me. From hard skills like construction to soft skills like leadership, I know that the time spent doing this volunteer work has forged me into a better person."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     - Michael Martins