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New Statewide Training Program

UA Statewide has rolled-out a new training program through MyUA Dashboard. Two UA Systemwide safety trainings are now required for all employees - Injury and Illness Prevention and Hazard Communication.. If you have taken the UAF Safety training for Office Workers and Hazard Communication, then you do not have to take this new training.

You can access this site by going to; clicking on my UA Services Dashboard, logging in, then clicking on Learning Management in the orange box. This will bring you to a page that allows you to see what is in-progress or completed and also provides access to the training library by clicking on Explore library. You will be able to search the library for the training you need. If you have taken all of your safety training, your completion information will be updated in the program by August 31, 2018.

The 4 Basic Safety trainings will be available on this new site as of September 2018. Until that time, please take the safety training from this website mentioned below.

Injury and Illness Prevention

All of these trainings are required to be completed by all employees: faculty, staff and student employees. YOU MUST GET 100% ON THE QUIZ TO COMPLETE THE COURSE. You will receive notification by e-mail as to your score along with information on which questions were missed. You must go back into the quiz and take it again until you get 100%.

5 Basic Safety Classes


Protection of Minors Training

All UAF employees must take Awareness and Policy/Reporting training under the Protection of Minors Policy (Section 5.4). Training is provided here. United Educators is providing UAF with awareness training for protection of minors. This training is geared toward higher education facilities.

Eventually, the protection of minor training will also be provided on the new Statewide training platform, but for now please take this training from this website by clicking on either required training or the link provided in the paragraph above.

Please note that anyone working directly with children must take their required Protection of Minors training annually per statewide regulations.

Title IX Training

To access Title IX training, please click here. This page provides information for the op-tout link and the training requirement details.