Dennis Demmert Appreciation and Recognition Award

Gunalchéesh! (Thank you!)

The Dennis Demmert award honors those who make sure that Alaska Native students know they belong here. It provides an opportunity for students to nominate a person who they feel has positively affected their academic efforts at UAF. 

Dennis Demmert worked hard to expand and connect curricula and courses at UAF that pertained to Alaska Native people and culture. He began this work just after the  Alaska Native Settlement Act  passed and people were hungry for information. He always felt strongly that Alaska Native Students have a place at this institution.

Dennis wanted to take one day a year to thank individuals who help make UAF a positive place for Alaska Native students. He started to recognize other faculty and administration who understood the value of having courses about Alaska Native peoples and who helped facilitate this evolution of Alaska Native programs at UAF. During the 1994 Native Summit at UAF, Dennis Demmert recommended that something be done to recognize individuals whose actions have proved their support. Later, the name of the award was changed from RSS Appreciation and Recognition Award to the Dennis Demmert Appreciation and Recognition Award in honor of the many years of service that Dennis has given for the betterment of the Alaska Native community.

2023 Dennis Demmert Award Winners
This year’s recipients and students who nominated them


Congratulations to our 2023 Dennis Demmert Awardees

Daniel Vazquez (Math Tutor) 

Sam Alexander (Professor of Gwich’in, Alaska Native Language Center)

Kevin Illingworth (Professor, Tribal Governance)

Kavelina Torres (Indigenous Media Asst. Professor, Theatre & Film and DANSRD Depts.)

Ève Ryan (Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics) 

2023 marks the 28th year the RSS students and staff have recognized individuals at UAF whose efforts demonstrate UAF's goals of being the educational center for Alaska Natives.