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Fall and Spring FTX

UAF ROTC conducts two FTX (Field Training Exercises) during the school year. These FTX events help to both evaluate and develop leadership attributes and a cadets' tactics. Our FTX events are usually conducted at Ft. Wainwright and can last up to 3 days of intense training.

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FOB Operations       Guarding Perimeter     Field Manuevers

Land Navigation
Land Navigation is usually conducted two to three times in a school year, or as needed. It is important for any soldier to know how to navigate from one point to the next. Land Navigation is crucial to mission success in almost every branch of the army.

Hand Gernade Qualificaiton
Hand Gernade Qualification is usually reserved for cadets training for RANGER CHALLENGE. Although all cadets at UAF are trainined in hand gernade throwing and assault of a bunker with a hand gernade.

Individual Tactical Training (ITT)
ITT is important for cadets, because learning how to manuever tactically and effeciently during an assault is crucial to success. Cadets learn how to do buddy rushes, low and high crawls, climbing over obstacles, and combat rolls.

M4 Qualification
A crucial component of a soldiers job is to maintain and train on his or her M4 rifle. A cadet will train several times throughout the year on marksmanship and proper handeling of the M4 rifle. Weapon safety is paramount in our training. At FTX events we usually will have blanks to simulate live fire and assault situations.

Combat Water Survival Training (CWST)
Sometimes the most challenging for many cadets is the CWST event. Their are two main events at advance camp (Swim Test and Confidence Course), and UAF ROTC usually conducts two CWST labs a year. Our events are used to determine weak swimmers in order to help them with any problems before arriving at advance camp. Cadets will also have the opportunity to swim and train in water during or before PT during the school year.

Physical Training (PT)
PT is probably the most important part of leadership development in ROTC. Our program requires PT three times a week. It not only helps to develop the physical condition of cadets, but it prepares them for the challenges, both physical and mental, for advance camp and beyond. It also allows us to evaluate leadership attributes in MSIII cadets who take charge of the PT formation and lead exercise events for one hour.
Throughout the year our cadets participate in other activities such as the Ranger Challenge. The Ranger Challenge is a team of top cadets that compete in a series of events that include hand gernade throwing, ruck march race, and M4/Pistol marksmanship. The commanders cup is usually held every October and is an invitational meet for the Air Force ROTC from UAA. The events at the commanders cup include Curling, Volleyball, Basketball, Dodgeball, and many other fun events. Some of our cadets participate in intramural sports such as broom ball and others.

Social Events
UAF ROTC works hard and plays hard. We have a wide variety of activities that cadets can participate in. Our Cadet Club functions as our committee that is devoted to organizing and funding cadet social events, such as the Christmas party, and the Dinning In function that usually takes place in April. We also host pizza parties after FTX on occassion, and numerous cadets host individual weekend get-togethers like movie and game nights.

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