Army ROTC Program At UAF


Why Choose UAF for Your ROTC Program?

In The Last Frontier, there are opportunities for challenge and discovery you won’t find anywhere else on Earth. Join Army ROTC at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and start your adventure.

ROTC students walking across campus in the winter

  • UAF is a military friendly college and leads the only Army ROTC program in Alaska. Our student community includes a large percentage of active military and veterans.

ROTC cadets training with the Engagement Skills Trainer

  • We are located less than 10 miles from Fort Wainwright, offering Army ROTC students unique access to a wide range of military resources including the Medical Simulation Training Center, Engagement Skills Training (Weapons Qualification), Call for Fire (Artillery Simulations Support), Military Style Rappelling, Basic Rifle Marksmanship Ranges and more.

ROTC cadets with Alaska flag

  • With small class sizes and a small student to instructor ratio, we offer an exceptional level of support and one-on-one interaction that will enhance your educational experience.