Rev-It-up will be Tuesday August 22, 2023 from 8:00am - 4:00pm.

Rev-It-Up is the day that first-year and first-time students will be able to move in to housing. Due to building renovations our first year students will be living in core campus (McIntosh, Nerland, Stevens Halls). Volunteers will be assisting students move their belongings into their space, assisting with students checking in, and being a positive contact for our incoming first year students.

 Please refer to our Move In Guide for more information!

Moore Lounge

First-year students

All new students are strongly encouraged to attend New Student Orientation. Attendance is required for all new bachelor students registered for 12 or more credits (6 credits in-person), including transfer students with 30 credits or fewer and international undergraduate students (including F-1 and J-1 visa status). If you fall into a required category, you don't need to register. First years or first time UAF students participating in New Student Orientation (NSO), may select a move-in appointment between August 22th and the 26th.

Aerial of lower campus

Transfer students

Transfer Student Orientation will take place on Friday, August 25th, 2023 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 



Fake PolarExpress card sample
The Polar Express card is the official UAF photo identification card used by students, staff and faculty to access UAF facilities and to make purchases. You will need a PolarExpress to access your hall and to use your meal plan. Fill out the Polar Express form to have your card ready when you arrive.


Check out our interactive map of campus. The residence hall pages (below) include details about your residence hall, including a sample floor plan!

Move-In Guide

Not sure where to begin? Here's a good place to start. 


Packing list
New Student Orientation

Connect with all of the programs, departments, people, and opportunities that UAF has to offer to help you succeed as you transition into your college experience! 


Packing list
Campus Dining

Everything you need to know about dinging hours, locations and meal plans. 



What is my room assignment? When will I receive it? 

Once your application for housing has been processed, you will receive an assignment letter with details of your room assignment. You may check your room assignment at any time through the Nanook Housing portal. In the portal, you will be able to see details regarding which residence hall and room you will be living in, the name(s) of your roommate(s). You will need to log in using your UA credentials. To visit your housing portal, click on the link below



Can I see my room before I move in? 

Our staff will be working diligently to make sure your room is ready for your arrival and no students will have access to their room prior to their check in time. However, if you would like to see what your room would look like, we have staged rooms available for tours so that you can have an idea. Please contact the Residence Life Central Office for tours.

Can I change my assignment before the move-in date? 

Students may not change their room assignments  during the room freeze period of Fall and Spring Semester.  However, there will be plenty of opportunity to change rooms throughout the school year. You can learn more specific information about the room change process here.

Why wasn’t I assigned to my first, second or third choice residence hall?

Room assignments are made based on the date the application is received. If you did not receive one of your choices of residence halls, there were no spaces left in those halls at the time that your application was received. However, you will have plenty of opportunities to change your room throughout the academic year through our room change process.

How do I pay for my housing and food?

Your charges will be reflected on your student account through UAOnline. Any balances can be paid online through UAOnline or in-person at the Office of the Bursar.

What size is my room?

Residence Life housing options contain a wide variety of room types.  For approximate room sizes, please see your residence hall’s floor plans and room layouts.

What about the window coverings?

All residence hall rooms have some form of window covering– blinds, shades or curtains.

Will I have a private bathroom?

Wickersham Hall and the Cutler Apartment Complex offer private bathrooms that are shared by up to a maximum of four people.

What should I bring for my room?

At a minimum, blankets, bed linens (to fit an extra-long twin mattress, 36” x 80”), pillows, toiletries, and towels are recommended.  If you are interested in ordering a complete linen packet, please contact the Residence Life Central Office at (907) 474-7247 to place an order. For buildings with private bathrooms, students also need to provide toilet paper and non-abrasive cleaning supplies.

Can I bring a small appliance like a microwave, coffee maker, or refrigerator?

The University of Alaska Fairbanks has established policies regarding the use of heat-producing appliances. For safety and sanitary reasons, cooking appliances are not permitted in rooms not equipped with kitchens. Refrigerators 4.0 cubic feet and under are allowed in all rooms. Microwaves that are no larger than 1cf and 1000 watts are allowed. Combo microwave/refrigerator units (e.g. Microfridge) where the refrigerator plugs into the microwave are also permitted. The key feature of these units are that they manage power consumption – reducing circuit overload and minimizing the risk of fire.

Can I stay in my room over the break periods?

Residents may stay on campus during winter and summer breaks with an approved application and break housing fee. Please contact the Residence Life Central Office for information about housing options through break periods.