Lab Facilities

The world’s best Arctic researchers work at or with UAF because we offer outstanding opportunities in the physical, biological and social sciences related to the North.

Our research units integrate with our academic side, creating a rich learning environment for undergraduate and graduate students. Looking outward, UAF’s partners include scientific, academic, government and indigenous organizations and agencies throughout Alaska, the U.S. and the world.

Why consider UA Labs?

The University of Alaska (UA) hosts many facilities with highly technical capacities. Our laboratories and field facilities are available to scientists from any location.  

Our goal is to spend money wisely. By reducing duplication across the UA system, we ensure an optimal return on investment in each facility.

We encourage collaborative use of these facilities to enable efficient and effective analyses of samples, as well as safe and productive time in the field. 

Increased use of these facilities helps ensure operation and analysis under accepted standards with highly tuned and calibrated instruments.  

  • Professional lab services: we work with trained professionals whose primary concerns are the safety and security of scientists, staff, and students
  • Sample processing: conducted according to rigorous protocols
  • Highlights of some of our larger lab facilities