Recharge Centers

Below is a list of recharge centers at UAF. This list is not comprehensive and is in progress. 

Advanced Instrumentation Lab

College of Natural Science and Mathematics

Ken Severin (Director Emeritus)

AIL website

Alaska Stable Isotope Facility

Institute of Northern Engineering

Dr. Matthew Wooller

ASIF website

Endocrinology Lab

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

Dr. Shannon Atkinson

GI Machine Shop

Geophysical Institute

Jami Warrick and Greg Shipman

GI Machine Shop website

Molecular Imaging Facility

Institute of Arctic Biology

Dr. Carl Murphy

Molecular Imaging Facility website

Nutrient Analytical Facility

International Arctic Research Center

Dr. Ana Aguilar-Islas

Nutrient Analytical Facility website

Ocean Acidification Research Center 

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

Natalie Monacci

OARC website

UAF Recharge Center Working Group

For questions about UAF recharge centers, contact Natalie Monacci.