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Dr. Ataur Chowdhury, Associate Professor

Dr. Ataur ChowdhuryPhysics Academic Advisor

Email: archowdhury@alaska.edu
Phone: 907-474-6109
118 Reichardt Bldg

Special Interests/Research: Condensed Matter physics, nanotechnology



Dr. Mark Conde, Associate Professor

Mark CondeEmail: mgconde@alaska.edu
706F Elvey Bldg
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Special Interests/Research: Auroral processes and space weather


Dr. Hyunju Connor, Associate Professor

Hyunju ConnorE-Mail: hkconnor@alaska.edu
706B Elvey Building
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Special interests/Research: Interaction of the solar wind with the near-Earth space environment, Magnetosphere - ionosphere - thermosphere coupling, soft X-ray imaging of the Earth’s magnetosphere, MHD and full particle simulation



Dr. Peter A. Delamere, Professor

Peter A. Delamere Email: padelamere@alaska.edu
108 Reichardt Bldg; 907-474-6442
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Special Interests/Research: Comparative magnetospheric physics with emphasis on the numerical simulation of space plasmas using hybrid (kinetic ion, fluid electron) and multi-fluid techniques.



Dr. David Newman, Professor

David NewmanEmail: denewman@alaska.edu
112 Reichardt Bldg; 907-474-7858
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Special Interests/Research: Complex systems, turbulence, nonlinear dynamics and fusion plasma physics



Dr. Chung-Sang Ng, Associate Professor

Chung-Sang NgEmail: cng2@alaska.edu
706E Elvey Building; 907-474-7367
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Special Interests/Research: Theoretical and computational plasma physics, with applications in space and fusion plasmas



Dr. Martin Truffer, Professor


E-mail: mtruffer2@alaska.edu
401 Elvey Bldg; 907-474-5359
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Dr. Renate Wackerbauer, Professor

Renate Wackerbauer
Email: rawackerbauer@alaska.edu
106 Reichardt Building; 907-474-6108
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Special Interests/Research: Complex temporal and spatiotemporal dynamics, Stochastic dynamical systems, Nonlinear time series analysis and Modeling of biological systems: coupled (biological) oscillators/circadian rhythms/neuron dynamics



Dr. Hui Zhang, Professor

Hui ZhangEmail: hzhang14@alaska.edu
Office: 708D Elvey Building
Phone: 907-474-5914
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Special Interests/Research: Space Plasma Physics, Magnetospheric Physics, Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Interaction


Dr. Uma Bhatt (Associate)/UAF Atmospheric Science

Dr. Greg A. Breed (Associate)/UAF Biology, IAB

Dr. William Bristow (Associate)/UAF Electrical Engrg

Dr. Devon Brown (Associate)/UAF Biology and IAB

Dr. Benjamin Carreras (Affiliate)

Dr. Richard Collins (Associate)/UAF Atmospheric Sciences

Dr. Pat Doak (Associate)/UAF Biology, IAB

Dr. Jeff Freymueller (Associate)/UAF Geosciences and GI

Dr. Don Hampton (Associate)/Geophysical Institute

Dr. Jean-Noel Leboeuf (Affiliate)

Mr. Thomas Logan (Associate)/UAF Alaska Satellite Facility

Dr. Dirk Lummerzheim (Associate)/Geophysical Institute

Dr. Thomas Marsik (Associate)/Bristol Bay Campus

Dr. Erin Pettit (Associate)/UAF Geosciences

Dr. Daniel J. Solie (Associate)/UAF

Dr. Raul Sanchez (Affiliate)

Dr. John D. Sahr (Affiliate)

Dr. William Simpson (Associate)/Chemistry

Dr. Curt Szuberla (Associate)/Geophysical Institute

Dr. Carl Tape (Associate)/UAF Geosciences and GI

Dr. Tom Weingartner (Associate)/Institute of Marine Sciences



  • John Craven, Professor of Physics
  • Charles Deehr, Professor of Physics
  • Thomas Hallinan, Professor of Geophysics
  • William Harrison, Professor of Physics
  • John Morack, Professor of Physics
  • Hans Nielsen, Professor of Physics
  • Dr. John Olson, Professor of Physics
  • Antonius Otto, Professor of Physics
  • Channon Price, Professor of Physics
  • Fred Rees, Professor of Physics
  • Juan Roederer, Professor of Physics
  • Davis Sentman, Professor of Physics (deceased)
  • Glenn Shaw, Professor of Physics
  • Knut Stamnes, Professor of Physics
  • Daniel Swift, Professor of Physics
  • Brenton Watkins, Professor of Physics
  • Gunter Weller, Professor of Geophysics
  • Gerd Wendler, Professor of Geophysics


Selected Publications from Faculty and Students

Selected Papers UAF Physics Faculty



Ellen Craig, Office Manager

Ellen Craig Email: eacraig@alaska.edu
102 Reichardt Bldg; 907-474-7339


Zak Tourville, Laboratory Supervisor

Beth Roberts Email: ztourville@alaska.edu
114 Reichardt Building; 907-474-7857

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Special Interests/Research:  Predictability of Arctic Sea Ice extent. Science education and communication.