Current Undergraduate Students

Physics student doing a lab that involves fire



Undergraduate physics majors at UAF are encouraged to supplement their coursework by registering for PHYS 488, Undergraduate Research (3 credits.) Paid research projects are arranged in conjunction with individual faculty members.

Atmospheric Sciences

The Atmospheric Sciences is the study of the atmosphere's physical, chemical and dynamic processes from the micro to the global scale. Using the unique vantage point of the polar regions the UAF group seeks to understand the atmosphere over Alaska for improved forecasts of hazards and to inform decision-makers and stakeholders. 

Remote Sensing

The Remote Sensing group acquires, processes and interprets data spanning the electromagnetic spectrum from ultraviolet to microwave wavelengths. We conduct research using data collected from satellites, unmanned aircraft systems, manned aircraft and ground-based systems, and are working to develop new sensors and missions.

Snow, Ice & Permafrost

The goal of cryospheric research is to understand the properties and processes that occur within snow, ice and permafrost, their role in the shaping of the landscape, and their influence on climate and impact on the biosphere. Studies include field investigations throughout the Arctic and Antarctic, with increasing participation in the exploration of Mars and Jovian satellites.

Space Physics & Aeronomy

The Space Physics and Aeronomy research group studies the Earth’s geospace environment and the magnetospheres of other planets. Major topics investigated by the group are associated with the effects of the solar disturbances that reach Earth, and most significantly, the aurora borealis, a spectacular natural phenomenon that can be observed from Fairbanks on a regular basis.



Physics Journal Club

The Physics Journal Club holds seminars every Friday @ 3:45 PM in the Elvey Building, Globe Room, during the academic years. The seminar topics and speakers vary from week to week.