Innovation for Alaska: Problem Solving and Ideation Class

April 1, 2024

Ideation Studio participants
Students at Eielson AFB. Photo by Peter Webley.

Want to have an impact? Want to solve DoD challenges? Want to work on an interdisciplinary team? Student teams engage directly with complex, real-world problems from policy, economics, technology, national security and innovation.

Join BA/HSEM 494: Innovation for Alaska and the Arctic for the 2024 fall semester!

Types of projects include:

  • How can we solve heavy lift platform needs for deploying equipment?
  • What is the next generation flight suit for arctic operations?
  • Can geophysical data be integrated into domain awareness platforms?

Students discuss needs with DoD operators and installations in Alaska and across the U.S. There is the potential to visit DoD facilities, learn about their needs and build towards solutions.

Students are provided with a framework to test hypotheses using a startup model approach and to create the demands of the real world in an early-stage startup environment. Students will build their skills to ideate and adapt their potential solutions while investigating the end-users’ needs for implementation and adoption.

Connect with Professor Peter Webley and find out more about fall semester projects by completing this form.

Email with subject line "Fall 2024 - Innovation for Alaska and the Arctic Class" for additional information.