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Embracing the most extreme conditions on earth, Alaskans have always had a flair for innovation and problem-solving. Today the University of Alaska is leading this effort, using technology to tackle global challenges in energy, climate, transportation, and more. The Center for Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship provides a pathway for university researchers to turn their ideas into business success. Offering top-notch services, space, and programming, the mission of Center ICE is to help faculty and students commercialize their intellectual property, create spin-off companies, and get their products into the right hands, where they can change the world.

A network of mentors, professionals, and entrepreneurs will help you navigate the many steps to developing a startup–from obtaining a business license to raising capital to creating a professional website for your customers.


CenterICE was featured in the local news on June 19, 2018.

Past Events

First Annual Lean Launch Workshop - March 12-14, 2018

Preparations are in full swing for the first annual Lean Launch Workshop. This intense three-day workshop designed to teach participants how to take university research and other great ideas from concept to commercialization.

This workshop is based on the Lean Startup methodology for developing products and companies and is led by Steve Weinstein who teaches a similar course at the University of California Berkeley and Stanford.

Through this workshop, participants will:
  •  Learn what it really takes to develop a viable product or be part of a startup company
  • Team up with multidisciplinary talent from across the UA system
  • Leave knowing the next steps you need to take on your road to success
  • Take giant leaps forward with your innovation or technology
  • Get connected with the right people and resources

Applications are open to interested members from the UA community, including faculty, staff, and students. The course is limited to 25 participants with priority enrollment offered to individuals who are actively working on commercializing an idea.
Visit to learn more.

This course is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research and co-hosted by BMNT.

May 10th

Center ICE Open House


Arctic Innovation Competition

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