Women Rocked Entrepreneurship Week

November 9, 2021

Pandere Shoes
Pendere Shoes co-founders. Photo courtesy of Pandere Shoes.

UAF Center ICE held two events, as part of its ICE Jam series celebrating the 8th Women Entrepreneurship Week led by Montclair State University.

The ICEJam events highlighted women entrepreneurs in Alaska. The first event was held on Oct.18 with Elevated Oats and Pandere Shoes talking about their journey and growth as startup companies in Alaska. The second event on October 20 featured Barati Medical and BeCool Pharmaceutics describing their developments in growing a business in Alaska.

Listening to the leads from these four companies, we heard about what inspired them to start a business, what aspects surprised them the most, what was the best piece of advice given to them, and how the Alaskan entrepreneurial community can support them as they move forward.

For anyone interested to listen to their inspiring stories, you can find the recordings at the Center ICE Youtube Channel

October 18 with Elevated Oats and Pandere Shoes

October 20 with Barati Medical and BeCool Pharmaceutics


There are some additional events happening as part of Alaska Startup Week, see below:

Monday Nov. 8: 11am-12 pm: Elevated Oats online Open House - https://sched.co/oxri

Tuesday Nov. 9: 1- 2pm: BeCool online Open House - https://sched.co/ok88

Tuesday Nov. 9: 4-5 pm: EO in-person Open House - https://sched.co/os43

Thursday Nov. 11: 4-5 pm: Pandere Shoes in-person Open House - https://sched.co/os91


UAF Center ICE, including its Ice Jam series, is in part supported by a grant from the Office of

Naval Research, #N00014-18-1-2725.