OIPC Welcomes New Faculty Ambassadors

Alex Hirsch
Alex Hisrch is a faculty ambassador for OIPC in 2020/21.

Alex Hirsch is the new faculty ambassador representing the Honors College and College of Liberal Arts at UAF.

Alex Hirsch is creating meaningful student opportunities in his position as director for the Honors College. He is engaging students in load-bearing experiential education. One example is a recent collaboration with OIPC’s Peter Webley in which Hirsch built a partnership with Eielson Air Force Base involving UAF Honors students solving problem sets associated with Arctic security. He is also developing an interdisciplinary innovation track within the Honors College to engage students in design thinking and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and a culture of innovation.

 Hirsch’s research and teaching expertise focus is  in political theory and moral imagination.  He transformed the UAF Honors Program into the Honors College and inaugurated its Climate Scholars Program, presenting a unique undergraduate experience for highly engaged students interested in studying sustainability in the context of climate resilience and rapid environmental change.