OIPC Helps Advance Innovations that Benefit Society

April 1, 2020

Avy Pouch
The Avy Pouch team from 2018 – 2019 working in Lab on their design that won the “Tomorrow’s Innovator Award” for the best invention disclosure from student/post-doctoral researcher-led submissions. Photo by Sam Kendall.

Ideas often spin out of necessity. Innovators understand the need to develop solutions for today’s needs to build a society for tomorrow. If the required product, tool, piece of equipment or procedure does not exist, we need to develop a local solution to increase our capacity, effectiveness and efficiency.

At UAF, the Office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization supports and advises students, staff and faculty on advancing their ideas and innovations into beneficial applications with societal impacts. OIPC also provides services to help you further innovate and test ideas or inventions through Alaska Center ICE.

Invention disclosures represent a way to capture innovative technological, societal, or cultural research developed by faculty, staff and students, as well as recognize the inventor(s) who contributed to the intellectual property. An invention disclosure can be completed for any discoveries, research tools, processes, know-how or software that may solve a significant problem and/or have significant value. Over the past few years, disclosures have come from across the UAF system, including the College of Engineering and Mines (see Avy Pouch team from last year), Geophysical Institute, College of Natural Science and Mathematics and College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences.

Now, your invention disclosures could win an Innovative Disclosure and Entrepreneurial Activities award.

For more information on disclosures or IDEAs awards, visit the OIPC website.