ICE Jam Socialize Event Inspired Creativity

December 7, 2020

ICE Jam Soclialize

The first ICE Jam Socialize event brought together innovators from Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau for an evening of innovation, games, beverages, and just plain fun.

Student ambassador Solomon Himelbloom hosted the game room where an interactive competitive game had attendees pitch ideas, including crudely drawing the idea on a virtual napkin, to solve suggested problems.  Our other student ambassador and mycophile, Meg Waite, hosted a wild mushroom and herb warm beverage class for winter cabin dwelling. Peter Webley also offered a chance to reflect on the lessons learned from Startup Week.

The festive setting, fun humor, and relaxed atmosphere was welcome for a normally hectic Friday afternoon.

ICE Jam events are hosted by Alaska Center ICE and look out for upcoming events in 2020!