Banks and credit unions offer safe places to put money during your visit to the U.S. Services include checking and savings accounts, investment vehicles such as certificates of deposits (CDs), loans, automatic teller cards (ATM), debit cards, credit cards, safe deposit boxes, and security. Whatever your source of income, it is important to have some liquid assets.

Although most U.S. financial Institutions require a social security number in order to open an account, international students and scholars who are not eligible to apply for social security numbers or individual taxpayer identification numbers may open bank accounts.

The following banks are available locally and listed with the nearest branch address to UAF:

Denali State Bank
Chena Pump Branch
470 Chena Pump Rd
Tel: 907-458-4281

First National Bank Alaska
Golden Valley Branch
1300 Washington Dr
Tel: 907-459-7100

KeyBank of Alaska
East College
33 College Rd
Tel: 844-433-2069

Mt. McKinley Bank
University Branch
1380 University Ave
Tel: 907-474-1770

Northrim Bank
Fairbanks West Community Branch
3637 Airport Way, Suite 110
Tel: 907-452-5965

Wells Fargo Bank
Note: Bank letter from ISSS is needed to open an account. Please contact ISSS.
University Branch
794 University Ave
Tel: 907-474-4100

A credit union offers services similar to a bank, but exists for its members and operates as a nonprofit organization. Under U.S. regulations, a social security number is required to open an account. International students and scholars who work for UAF and have received their social security number are eligible for an account in a credit union.

The following credit unions are available locally and listed with the nearest branch address to UAF:

Credit Union 1
Fairbanks Branch
909 1st Ave
Tel: 907-339-9485

Global Credit Union
Airport Way Branch
1261 Airport Way
Tel: 800-525-9094

MAC Federal Credit Union
Fairbanks Branch
541 10th Ave
Tel: 907-456-1253

Spirit of Alaska Federal Credit Union
Geist Branch
4001 Geist Rd
Tel: 907-459-5900

Since banks and credit unions use terms that may not be obvious or familiar to international students and scholars, see a glossary of banking terms.