Reduce Course Load Undergraduate

Undergraduate students may request a reduced course load for their final semester if they need fewer than 12 credits to complete their academic program.  In order to request the reduced course load, the student must submit the following:

  • A letter from his/her advisor (the advisor can use the text below as a template)
  • Completed Degree Audit from the Office of the Registrar

The request must be received by the Office of International Student and Scholar Services before the first day of classes of the semester for which the course reduction is being requested.

Reduced course loads will only be granted for students in the final semester of their programs, unless an exceptional situation can be documented.  If you believe you need a reduced course load for any semester other than your final, please schedule an appointment with Reija Shnoro to discuss your options before submitting a request for a reduced course load.



Request for Reduced Course Load 

Letter for undergraduate students

Print on appropriate UAF letterhead


Current date

To: Reija Shnoro, Student Immigration Advisor

From: Faculty Advisor's Name

Re: Request for Reduced Course load: Undergraduate Student

Name of student:

Academic program (major):

Level (mark one): AA_______ AS_______BA_______ BS_______

First semester of UAF attendance: Fall____ Spring____ Summer____ Year_____

Current I-20 program end date:

Anticipated semester of program completion: Fall____ Spring____ Summer____ Year_____

The above-named student is in good standing and making normal and satisfactory progress towards the completion of his or her academic program. I request the above-named student be authorized reduced course load for the above designated semester as he or she will be completing the academic degree program during that semester.


Signed :_ _________________________________


NOTE: This letter must be submitted to the International Student Advisor with a copy of the student's Graduation Audit before reduced course load authorization is approved.