CPT Undergraduate Letter

Curricular Practical Training

Recommendation letter for undergraduate students

Print on appropriate UAF letterhead

Current date


To:  Reija Shnoro, Student Immigration Advisor

From: Faculty Advisor’s Name

Re: Recommendation for Curricular Practical Training – Undergraduate Student


Name of student:

Academic program (major):

Level (mark one): AA_____ AS_____ BA_____ BS_____

First semester of UAF attendance: Fall____ Spring____ Summer____ Year_____

Anticipated semester of program completion: Fall____ Spring____ Summer____ Year_____

The above-named student is in good standing and making satisfactory progress towards the completion of his or her academic program.

Employer Name:

Employer address:

Employment start date (mm/dd/yyyy):                               Employment end date (mm/dd/yyyy):

Number of hours to be worked per week (full or part time):

Description of the internship or practicum, identify how the experience fits into the context of the program of study. I recommend this employment authorization and request approval.


Course number: ____________Course Name___________________________________

Number of credits:____


I certify that this internship/practicum activity is an integral part of the student’s curriculum and is a requirement for degree completion. I recommend this employment authorization and request approval.