IAB Space & Facilities

All individual requests for space must be submitted to the IAB Space Committee via completion of this online form. Space needs for individuals and/or laboratories may change based on the scope of a project, addition of students or personnel, or a variety of other reasons. All requests are submitted to the IAB Space Committee for evaluation, and every attempt is made to achieve a timely resolution, whether it is through allocation of new space, reorganization of existing space, or the acquisition of new space from other departments.

Office hours 7:30 am to 4:30 pm
Schedule is reduced during August-September, December, February-April

Email: UAF-IAB-Space@alaska.edu

Space Request Review Procedure

The IAB Space Committee evaluates all space requests and allocation of existing space on behalf of the Institute Director.

In order to ensure that space requests are handled uniformly within IAB, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. The IAB Space Committee will review all requests and determine if existing space is available within IAB for reassignment.
  2. A space request may result in a space audit within IAB to determine if assigned space can be reallocated, reconfigured or altered to meet the space request.
  3. If the request can be met by reassigning existing space, the Committee will approve the request and recommend that the Institute implement the change. Appropriate changes in space allocation, configuration, or alteration to the Institute may be recommended.  IAB space inventory will be updated accordingly.
  4. If the unit is unable to find space in its assigned area, the Space Committee will attempt to locate space within another unit and negotiate the space reassignment, or request additional space through the UAF Space Committee. Campus and Space Planning will work with the unit to identify potential space.  IAB's Space Committee will negotiate the space reassignment with the director of CASP.
  5. Final determinations may require input from the Provost.

Please use this form to submit a request for space within IAB. This form will send an email to the IAB Business Office with your request details. If you have questions or problems with the request, please email uaf-iab-space@alaska.edu.

B&W faculty requesting office space for grad students, post-docs, or visiting colleagues should use the B&W form here.

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