IAB Procurement

The IAB Procurement Office provides staff, faculty, and students with all aspects of purchasing support for business-related activity. This includes lab equipment purchases, reimbursements, contracting, subaward entry, invoice payment, fellowship payments, and ProCard purchasing by the Procurement Officer. Please see the tabs below for instructions on how to complete specific requests.

Email: UAF-IAB-Logistics@alaska.edu

Stevie Goetz

Stevie Goetz

Procurement and Property Officer

308A Irving 1


Need to check out a Custodial Card?

Complete the Custodial Card Checkout Form and submit to the IAB Fiscal Officer in room 310A Irving I. This is a quick and easy way to purchase items locally or online for your project. Please contact Matt Seymour at (907) 474-5866 or uaf-iab-custodial@alaska.edu with any questions on the custodial card checkout process.

Satellite Phones

IAB has satellite phones on hand for use in the field. Please complete the Satellite Checkout Form to request a phone and provide the funding source that will cover the charge for any minutes used. The form will then be routed through DocuSign for approvals, and once complete you may pick up the phone at the IAB Procurement Office in room 308A Irving I.

Lab/Field/Project Supplies

Complete the Purchase Request Form and email it to uaf-iab-logistics@alaska.edu with a quote, if possible. Please take care when entering product codes and descriptions to avoid a delay or errors in the ordering process. If the Procurement Officer is unable to use a ProCard to make the purchase, the order will be routed through the central procurement office and a Purchase Order (PO) will be created. This may take additional time, so submit your purchase requests as soon as possible.

NOTE: If your order includes chemicals of any kind (water is a chemical), please include the IAB Safety Officer in your email with the Purchase Request Form. 

Office Supplies

If you need to purchase office supplies (printer ink/toner, pens, paper, etc.), please note that these items are generally unallowable on grant funding. We ask that you contact the Procurement Officer to see if these items are already in stock. If not, the Procurement Officer will procure these items for you in order to receive the best possible price. Please try to avoid using your ProCard to purchase these items.

When a contractual service of any kind is needed, UA regulations state that this activity must be processed as a Purchase Order (PO) and may not be charged to a ProCard. Complete the Purchase Request Form and email it to uaf-iab-logistics@alaska.edu along with:

  • Scope of work clearly outlining the work to be done
  • Period of performance
  • W-9, if a new vendor (the Procurement Officer can determine this)
  • Independent Contractor Status Determination Form - this form must be completed for individuals that are to be treated as independent contractors (ie. they do not have an employer identification number).

This process may take some time so please submit your request as soon as possible. Do not personally enter in to any contract with a vendor that commits university funds as payment. Bypassing this process will result in an unauthorized purchase and requires IAB Director and UAF Procurement Director approval in order to make payment against these services.

Cash Reimbursements

Less than $100

For purchases made with personal funds for university purposes that total less than $100, complete the Petty Cash Voucher and submit with itemized receipts to the IAB Fiscal Officer located at 310A Iriving I for approval. Once approved, the form and receipts must be taken to the Bursar's Office on the 1st floor of Signers' Hall for cash reimbursement.

More than $100

For purchases made with personal funds for university purposes that total more than $100, complete the top section of the Employee Reimbursement Request Form and submit with itemized receipts to the IAB Procurement Officer or your  IAB Grant Coordinator for processing. Your reimbursement will be processed through Accounts Payable as a direct deposit to your bank account.

Cash Advances

When traveling to a remote location, cash may be the only possible form of payment for items such as research subject payments, boat fuel, boat services, etc. When planning for a trip that includes this type of activity, please contact your IAB Grant Coordinator immediately. High-dollar requests take additional time to process. The full procedure is as follows:

  • Submit a memo to your IAB Grant Coordinator, signed by the PI of the funding source, requesting the funds with a detailed explanation of the purpose and the name and UA ID of the person receiving the funds
  • Note the cash advance as a non-reimbursable item on the Trip Request Form with the Shared Travel Services Office
  • Upon disbursement while in the field, have the individual receiving the payment sign a receipt and provide a W-9
  • Submit all receipts, W-9's, and remaining cash-on-hand to your IAB Grant Coordinator when you return from travel status for reconciliation
Travel Advances

Travel advances are provided to those who are unable to cover incidental costs while on travel status. This can include meals, taxi, etc. The Shared Travel Services Office handles these requests through the Trip Request Form. 


An honorarium is a gift for services for which no fee has been set or agreed upon in advance. An honorarium could be used as a “thank you” gift to a guest speaker or performer who, at no charge to the University, makes a presentation. The University responds with a token payment, gift or other tangible gesture of appreciation. Protocol and custom suggest that the honorarium should be processed in advance, if possible or close to the event taking place, so that the gift may be presented timely.

An Honorarium, per IRS regulations, is reportable as income by the University. As a result, the intended beneficiary’s social security number is required.

Any compensation, monetary or non-monetary, negotiated, committed to, or otherwise forming an obligation to pay, made in advance is, by definition, not an honorarium. It is a fee, and is subject to the applicable regulations of the University, IRS and other relevant agencies. Any verbal or written agreement in which the University will be obligated to pay for services or expenses or accommodations is a contractual arrangement and must be made in accordance with procurement regulations. 

A fee cannot be paid to any current employee, permanent, part-time, full-time or temporary. Payroll and other taxes must be withheld from any payments made to an employee. A bonus or monetary award to an employee must be approved by the campus Human Resources Office.

To expedite payment, if possible, have the recipient complete the W-9 form needed to certify their tax identification information and submit it with the honorarium form and thank you memo to the IAB Procurement Office for processing.

Equipment purchases need to be procured in a similar manner to service contracts in that they cannot be placed on ProCard as the cost is greater than or equal to $5,000. Complete the Purchase Request Form and email it to uaf-iab-logistics@alaska.edu along with a detailed quote from the vendor you wish to use. Purchases of this nature require the UAF Purchasing Office to issue a Request for Quotation (RFQ). This process requires Purchasing to contact as many vendors as possible to obtain written quotations in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth by the Purchasing Department. If an end user wishes Purchasing to contact specific vendors, this should be specified on the requisition form. Obtaining quotes independently to send to Purchasing does not preclude the RFQ process. It is suggested that staff members wishing to obtain their own quotes speak to the IAB Procurement Officer first. 

Sole Source

Whenever a faculty member, a principal investigator or project director has determined that only a particular item or service is suitable for use in the classroom or for a research project, brand name or sole source procurement is both appropriate and justified. Purchase requisitions for such items or services must specify that no substitute is acceptable and must be accompanied by a Certification of Need for Restrictive Specification form, completed and signed by the faculty member, principal investigator or project director.

This process may take some time so please submit your request as soon as possible. Do not personally enter in to any agreement with a vendor that commits university funds as payment for equipment. Bypassing this process will result in an unauthorized purchase and requires IAB Director and UAF Procurement Director approval in order to make payment against these services.