Honors College Exchanges and Internships



The Climate Exchange:
An International Student Exchange Program via UAF's Honors College

Study abroad for a semester at a site of international attention in climate change — where new developments in climate science and policy are of special focus.

The Climate Exchange, part of the Climate Scholar Program at UAF, gives you the opportunity to study abroad at other universities known for cutting-edge climate change academic programming.

During a student exchange program, you'll work as part of a cohort with other climate-focused undergraduate students from around the world — taking part in service learning opportunities and seminars on climate-themed issues while earning credits toward your degree at UAF. 

You can complete almost half of your Honors credits by studying abroad, while gaining the experience of a lifetime overseas!

What is student exchange?

A student exchange program is an opportunity for students at a university to study abroad at a partner institution. Foreign student exchange programs are a great way to experience different cultures, gain critical thinking skills and approach learning in new ways. Taking part in an international student exchange program can also be a valuable addition to your resume when you’re applying for jobs down the road.



Climate Internship and Community Engagement

At UAF, you'll have one-of-a-kind opportunities to impact climate policy, science and communities through your work as an Honors student. One example is a required semester-long community engagement internship focused on the theme of climate change (summer internships are also available).

Some internships focus on the arts, others emphasize the STEM fields, while others integrate the arts and sciences. A recent example is working with state legislators to draft climate change policy for Alaska. If you want to make a meaningful difference in climate science and policy, UAF is the place to be.

Examples of internship opportunities

Many different organizations have invited our students to work with them for a semester:

  • The University of Alaska Press
  • Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy
  • Cold Climate Housing Research Center
  • Ted Stevens Legislative Internship
  • Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition
  • Molly of Denali, PBS
  • Northern Alaska Environmental Center