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Nanook Navigator logoWhat is Nanook Navigator?

Nanook Navigator  is a collaborative program that brings together faculty, advisors, staff, and administrators to support students from enrollment to graduation and life-long success. Nanook Navigator integrates advising, early intervention, and success initiatives into the student experience.  

Staff & Faculty Advisorscan schedule appointments,  download student data, view advisor appointment summaries, issue an alert, create student lists, construct data searches, communicate with students, advisors and/or instructors, view progress reports, and more.

Instructors: are able to issue student alerts, view class listings, create progress reports, schedule appointments, create appointment summaries/reports, record attendance, create student lists, communicate with students and more.

Students: are able to view notes, schedule appointments, cancel appointments, check-in for drop-ins, view their advisors and success team, view their courses, and message faculty and staff. 

Tutors: are able to create students notes, create appointments summaries, view and manage appointments, utilize the appointment center and kiosk, and more. 



Student Success Calendar

View meeting, training, or event details for the sign up link. Student success intervention dates and deadlines are also included. 


Nanook Navigator Support

Jessica Skipper Profile

Jessica Skipper
Student Success Systems Administrator
Phone: 907-474-7414

Cassandra Kendall
Student Success Advising Coordinator 
Supports advising care unit
Phone: 907-474-5217

Isaac Parker
Student Success Systems Assistant

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