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UFD offers CPR and AED training to meet a variety of needs and circumstances.

Hands-Only CPR and AED Orientation

UFD offers CPR and AED training to meet a variety of needs and circumstances. Our class is ideal for those who are interested in receiving hands-only CPR and AED practice for the first time, and also for individuals whose job requires a CPR card. 

Who:     Small groups of six UAF faculty, staff, and students (limited to Interior Alaska). Multiple groups (i.e. 12 or 18) may be accommodated simultaneously based on instructor availability.

What:    Adult, hands-only CPR and AED use for laypersons. Research has shown that effective hands-only CPR provides the best chance of a successful outcome. Child and infant CPR instruction may be provided on prior arrangement.

When:  Must be scheduled in advance, and is dependent on the availability of instructors. Practice sessions are approximately one hour.

Where: Individuals should watch the UAF AED video and become familiar with AED locations nearby. Hands-on practice with manikins and AED training devices will be provided at your location or our training room at UPARK, room 118. If training is conducted at your preferred site, we will need you to provide a clean, preferably carpeted room with adequate floor space for manikin practice.

Cost:      $10 for each student.

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American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR AED (certification earned at the end of the course)
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UAF AED Training Video

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