About the Alaska Esports Center

About the center

Our facility’s 12 fully equipped gaming PCs are ready for any game you throw at them! We’re also equipped with a variety of consoles for high-fidelity gaming.

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A group of UAF stuents play console games in the Esports Center

Console gaming

In our console area, you’ll find four TVs equipped with a variety of Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Here, you’ll also find three of the latest virtual reality headsets and preregistered profiles to try a variety of games.

Whether you are looking for the most recent consoles or looking to revisit classic games on their original consoles, we have a plethora of offerings so you can game the way you want. You can bring your own favorites — all TVs have a spare port for students to bring their own hardware. We also have a collection of games available in our esports library that you can play on site. Titles range from competitive fighting games to games you can play with friends, such as Mario Party.™

PC gaming

Here you’ll find all of our PCs with the peripherals to level up your experience. Our 12 stress-tested Alienware computers allow you to compete and play in any of the most demanding titles.

Fully immerse yourself in the experience with our high-end keyboards, mice, monitors and headsets. We want to ensure you have everything you need for the games you want to play!

UAF student seated at one of the Alaska Esports Center's gaming PCs
A group of UAF students at gaming PCs in the Esports Center

Competitive teams

We offer competitive teams for Beat Saber, Counter-Strike 2, League of Legends, Overwatch 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League and Valorant.

Space reservations

Reserve the Alaska Esports Center for your next camp or high school esports competition.

A UAF student tries out a VR headset at the Esports Center



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