Wood Center dining

Wood Center's state of the art dining facility provides a variety of high-quality food in the convenience of a centralized student union.


Wood Center dining environment

  • Food is prepared in front of the customer and they may interact with the chef/cook for customized options.
  • Vibrant and functional gathering space for all students to come together, whether using a meal plan or not.
  • Meals to go option is available.
  • Centralized Student Union, to enhance the student experience on campus.
  • Expanded dining hours for those students with late classes.
  • High efficiency and energy saving equipment and facility features.

Meal plans

Meal plans contain a combination of block dinners and Munch Money used exclusively for food purchase.

Block Meals are used to purchase designated meals and may be exchanged for up to a $10.00 equivalency at most UAF campus dining location from 7:30 a.m. until close.

Munch Money is used like cash at all dining locations and vending machines on campus.

Please see our Meal Plans section for more details.