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Research Description

Research in the Trainor lab is focused on understanding the chemistry of environmental interfaces in order to improve both conceptual and quantitative models of the fate, transport and biogeochemical cycling of trace elements. One of the main research themes is understanding the surface structure / reactivity relationship of naturally abundant iron-(oxy)hydroxide mineral phases. These studies utilizes synchrotron based x-ray scattering and spectroscopic techniques, atomic force microscopy and colloid characterization methods (light scattering and Zeta potential measurements) coupled with periodic density functional theory and ab initio thermodynamic calculations to develop molecular scale models of mineral-fluid interface structure and interface reactivity trends with respect to the partitioning reactions of trace aqueous contaminants such as lead, arsenic, antimony and mercury. These model system studies are also coupled directly with field scale analysis of trace element partitioning and speciation in aquatic systems throughout interior Alaska.

Selected Publications

  1. T.P. Trainor, A.S. Templeton, P.J. Eng (2006) Structure and Reactivity of Environmental Interfaces: Application of Grazing Angle X-ray Spectroscopy and Long-Period X-ray Standing Waves. Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 150 , 66-85.

  2. T.P. Trainor, A.C. Chaka, P.J. Eng, M. Newville, J. Catalano, G.A. Waychunas, and G.E. Brown Jr. (2004) Structure and Reactivity of the Hydrated Hematite (0001) Surface. Surface Science 573 , 204-224.

  3. A. S. Templeton, T.P. Trainor, A.M. Spormann and G.E. Brown, Jr. (2003) Selenium Speciation and Partitioning within B. cepacia Biofilms Formed on alpha-Al 2 O 3 Surfaces. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 67 , 3547-3557.


  • B.S. 1995, Colorado School of Mines
  • Ph.D. 2001, Stanford University


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Tom Trainor
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Alaska Fairbanks
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