Specialized Accreditation Policy

UAF Policy 04.06.200

Original Adoption: June 20, 2022

Responsible Chancellor's Cabinet Member: Provost Prakash

Responsible Department/Office: Provost Office / Vice Provost Office

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1.0 Policy statement

UAF academic units may hold specialized accreditation or other approvals of similar intent and scope by external agencies, either at the degree/certificate program level or the departmental or unit level.

The units have the following responsibilities:

  • The dean or director will maintain records pertaining to the specialized accreditation, certification, or other endorsements. The dean’s or director’s office will be responsible for reporting to the Accreditation Liaison Officer’s office at least annually in June on any activity related to the maintenance or renewal of the accreditation.
  • The dean or director will keep the Accreditation Liaison Officer’s office apprised of any scheduled activity, such as a reporting deadline or upcoming site visit or review related to the specialized accreditation.
  • The dean or director will keep the Accreditation Liaison Officer’s office apprised of any deficiencies as defined by the external entity’s standards, or any formal recommendations or other sanctions that represent a threat to continued accreditation, certification, or endorsement.

The Accreditation Liaison Officer’s office has the following responsibilities:

  • Maintaining institutional records pertaining to specialized accreditations, certifications, and endorsements held by the academic units.
  • Keeping the Provost and Chancellor informed of any concerns around specialized accreditations.
  • Composing summary reporting to the Board of Regents and other entities as consistent with policy or regulation requirements.
  • Supporting academic units with advice or consultation, or helping to facilitate needs related to accreditation reporting or site visits.

2.0 Background & justification

These discipline-specific statuses require regular maintenance and oversight reporting to the provost, the chancellor, the president, and the Board of Regents. Any loss of specialized accreditation presents a potential risk to the university.

3.0 Definitions

4.0 References relied upon

Regents Policy 10.02.070 (PDF).

5.0 Responsibilities

Responsibilities are outlined in the policy.

Individual Colleges are responsible for special accreditation costs.

6.0 Non-compliance

7.0 Exceptions


8.0 Procedures

The Accreditation Liaison Officer’s office will contact each dean every June and request updates on all specialized accreditations in a template provided by the Accreditation Liaison Officer’s office. Units are also required to contact the ALO at any time during the year when there are important changes to specialized accreditation. The ALO will update the Provost and Chancellor at least annually and will provide an annual report to the Board of Regents, as required by board policy.

This policy is effective as of June 20, 2022.

Policy approved by:


Daniel M. White, Chancellor
University of Alaska Fairbanks