Alcoholic Beverage Policy

UAF Policy 05.12.001

Original Adoption: August 16, 2010

Revised: December 13, 2022

Responsible Chancellor's Cabinet Member: VC for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Responsible Department/Office: Dining Services and Contract Operations

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Serving alcoholic beverages at events on campus, or at UAF events located off campus, requires compliance with state laws. All persons who consume alcoholic beverages must do so in a legal and responsible manner.


The sale and dispensing of alcoholic beverages are regulated by the State of Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office (AMCO). A UAF Alcohol Beverage Application must be approved by the contracts manager for dining services and contract operations (DSCO) (as the Chancellor’s designee) any time alcohol is available at UAF-supported events on or off campus. In addition, an AMCO Permit is required when alcohol is served at a location not licensed to serve alcohol.


UAF Event:  An event that is sponsored or supported by UAF that occurs on or off campus.

Approving Authority:  The Chancellor or designee is responsible for approving applications to serve alcoholic beverages at UAF-supported events. Additional approval by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs is necessary if students will be attending.

Authorized Representative of the University: The individual designated to have responsibility for the event and ensuring adherence to procedures and regulations, usually the event planner.  Authorized Representatives must be in attendance for the entirety of the event and abstain from alcohol service.

AMCO Permit:  Permit issued by the state of Alaska to sell or dispense alcoholic beverages at events held in locations other than licensed premises. The permit is located online: 

UAF Alcoholic Beverage Application:  Required for any UAF-sponsored event held outside of the UAF Pub that may have alcohol available, regardless of location on or off campus. The application is located online:


Laws of the State of Alaska and regulations of the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office:  AS 04.11.230; 13 AAC 304.620, Board of Regents Policy P05.12.093, and


Chancellor: Responsible for approving UAF alcoholic beverage applications for events on campus and UAF-supported events off campus.

Contract Manager for Dining Services and Contract Operations: The Chancellor has designated the Contract Manager for Dining Services and Contract Operations to approve UAF alcoholic beverage applications. This individual will coordinate university approval with the UAF Police Department and other departments as needed.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs:  Additional approval is needed by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs if students are attending a UAF event where alcohol will be served.

Event Planner: Responsible for the event and completing the mandatory UAF Alcoholic Beverage Application when the event is held outside the UAF Pub. Work with Alcohol Service Provider in obtaining the AMCO Permit and adhering to the procedures and regulations.

Alcohol Service Provider: A caterer, vendor, or nonprofit organization that obtains an AMCO Permit to serve alcohol at approved university events.

State of Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office: Responsible for approving/disapproving alcohol permits.


Noncompliance can lead to arrest and fines. The UAF Police Department can terminate an event if the AMCO Permit is not displayed, if alcohol is served by anyone that does not have an approved alcohol server education card, or if alcohol is served to anyone under the age of 21.  The university can take additional actions as deemed necessary. Sponsoring departments, organizations, and individuals should be cognizant of vicarious liability suits and the consequences to the organization should a vicarious liability suit be filed against the university when a person, regardless of age, attending an event and consuming alcoholic beverages is involved in an accident resulting in personal injury and/or death.




  • The UAF Alcoholic Beverage Application must be approved by the university approving authorities prior to submission of the AMCO Permit request to the State of Alaska. The UAF Alcoholic Beverage Application must be submitted by the Event Planner at least 28 calendar days prior to the event. The Contracts Manager for DSCO will facilitate processing the request, including additional approval from the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, as needed.

  • The licensed vendor or qualified organization providing the alcohol service is responsible for obtaining the AMCO Permit and properly displaying it at the event.

  • Events on campus and UAF events located off campus must comply with all State of Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office laws and regulations.

  • Serving of alcohol at events on campus or at UAF events located off campus requires approval of the Chancellor or designee prior to the event.

  • Alcohol served at events on campus or at UAF events located off campus must be limited to beer or wine

  • Alcoholic beverages must be served in a controlled environment and may not be removed from the room(s) or area(s) specified.

  • Alcoholic beverages must be served by a licensed vendor or other state-approved individuals as AMCO permits allow. Individuals serving alcoholic beverages must have a current AMCO-approved alcohol server training certification.

  • The event must be a private function (not open to the public) unless specifically approved by the Contract Manager for DSCO.

  • If the Event Planner intends to charge attendees for alcoholic beverages, they must provide specific information as to the format, e.g., cash bar, ticket price. UAF admission charges for events may not include the cost of alcoholic beverages that will be served unless specifically approved by the Contract Manager for DSCO.

  • Food and nonalcoholic beverages must be provided and prominently displayed at any event at which alcohol is served. Contests involving the consumption of alcohol are not allowed. Fundraising events involving alcohol, e.g., wine tastings, are required to comply with State of Alaska laws and regulations.

  • Warning signs are required to be displayed at all events where alcohol is served as described in Alaska statutes (Title 4 Alcoholic Beverages, section 04.21.065). It is the responsibility of the Alcohol Service Provider to ensure signage is properly displayed.

  • All invitations to UAF events at which alcohol is to be served will include the following statement: “Attendees must be twenty-one (21) years old or older unless accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or adult spouse.” At the option of the Event Planner, such events may be restricted to individuals at least age 21 (no minors under the age of 21).

  • An authorized representative of the university must be present for the duration of the event to ensure that all obligations specified in the application and permit are fulfilled.

  • In cases in which an individual becomes intoxicated, the Authorized Representative or designee will immediately alert the UAF Police Department to take appropriate action.

  • Alcohol shall not be served at university functions or events designated for students unless approved by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (in addition to other required approvals).

  • The Pub in Wood Center will operate within its rules, policies, and license.



Daniel M. White, Chancellor
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Signed: December 13, 2022