Term Funded Internal Applicant Policy

UAF Policy: 04.07.110

Original Adoption: June 9, 2015

Responsible Chancellor's Cabinet Member: Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Responsible Department/Office: Human Resources

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This policy establishes standards, considerations and approval processes for regular, term employees (staff and faculty) to be considered as an internal applicant when an employee’s contract is not renewed or ended prior to the end of the current contract period.


Term-funded employment is for a specific period or project identified within the contract letter and subject to the terms of that contract. Employment of these positions may not be renewed at the end of the contract period or prior to the end of the specified period as a result of inadequate funding or expiration of the grant, pursuant to University Regulation 04.05.020.C(1)(a) and 04.09.040.B.

Retaining employees within the university is an element of “putting people first” and not only serves to motivate and reward employees for exemplary work, but also allows the university to retain talent and reduce the impacts of turnover.


Term Funded Employment: Employment with a specified employment period or project identified in and subject to the terms of the appointment letter.

Eligible Employees: All exempt and non-exempt term funded faculty and staff employees.

Non- renewal: When an employee’s contract is not renewed or ended prior to the end date of the current contract period.

Internal Applicant Pool: Offers a chance of rehire to employees in a non-renewed status, prior to a posting being advertised as a competitive recruitment for up to 12 months after the non-renewal notification, however does not guarantee rehire. If an employee is rehired at the university prior to the end of the 12 month period, the employee will no longer be held in the pool for future consideration, unless a future non-renewal event occurs.


University Board of Regents Policy 04.05.020 and 04.09.040.Collective Bargaining Agreements: United Academics, University of Alaska Federation of Teachers (UAFT), Alaska Higher Education Crafts and Trades Employees Local 6070 and Fairbanks Firefighters Association Local 1324.


Non-renewed Employee:

  • Must work with UAF HR Consultant to upload appropriate application materials to the Internal Applicant Pool. Application to the pool must be completed within 30 calendar days of the non-renewal date. Consideration is not automatically applied on the employee’s behalf.


  • Must ensure that the unit leadership and UAF HR Consultant are notified, in writing, of the non-renewal.
  • Will initiate the meeting with the UAF HR Consultant and employee to deliver notification.

UAF HR Consultant:

  • Assist the supervisor with the appropriate notification period and process.
  • Complete and provide the supervisor with the appropriate employee notification memo.
  • Notify the non-renewed employee of the Internal Applicant Pool and assistance with the application process.
  • Notify hiring authorities of internal applicants in the pool for consideration, prior to a benefited recruitment being posted for competitive recruitment.
  • Assist hiring authorities throughout the process of considering internal applicants.
  • Assure that employees are considered for no more than 12 months after date of non-renewal or rehire at the university.

Perspective Hiring Authorities and/or Units:

  • Review the internal applicants prior to a position being posted for competitive recruitment; however are not required to hire the internal applicant(s).
  • Due diligence and a good faith effort when reviewing resumes, interviewing, testing, reviewing employee personnel files and checking references.


Represented employees are subject to terms of the current collective bargaining agreement.



Brian D. Rogers, Chancellor
University of Alaska Fairbanks