Emergency Preparedness for Animals

Animal care in the event of an emergency can be challenging, especially without adequate preparation. Being prepared may facilitate efficient and safe evacuation or adequate supplies for sheltering in place. This page provides some resources that you can use to make your emergency plans. 

Here are a few questions to consider while making your emergency preparedness plans. 

  • What are the potential natural disasters or emergencies that may occur in your region?
  • What do you need for evacuation?
  • What do you need to shelter in place?
  • What are the specific requirements to provide transportation and care for your animals?
  • Who are the people and resources that will be able to help transport and care for your animals? 

Part of being prepared for an emergency includes having concise identification, vaccination records, and care instructions for your animals.  In the event you are separated from your animals, proper identification will enable their return. Records of vaccinations may be needed for transport, boarding or relocation. If you are unavailable to give direction during an emergency, providing names and contact information of people or businesses that can help care for your animals will be useful. 

Fillable information forms can be found here: 

Pet Emergency Information Form
Livestock Emergency Information Form

Making a pet or livestock emergency kit checklist that covers the needs of your emergency plan may be helpful. 

The basic animal emergency kit should include:

  • Pet or livestock information forms (links can be found above) 
  • Adequate equipment to handle and contain animals, which may be scared and confused (ex. collars, leashes, crates, halters, leads etc.) 
  • Medications and veterinary records (ex. rabies certificates, equine infectious anemia test)
  • Food, water and shelter requirements
  • Equipment to maintain sanitary animal housing and store waste. 

Here are some fillable forms that may be helpful: 

Pet Emergency Kit Checklist
Livestock Emergency Kit Checklist