Certified Food Protection Manager Training

Taught by Julie Cascio, Mat-Su District Extension Agent

What is a certified food protection manager?

A certified food protection manager (CFPM) is responsible for monitoring and managing all food establishment operations to ensure that the facility is operating in compliance with food establishment regulations.

A CFPM is knowledgeable about food safety practices and uses this knowledge to provide consumers with safe food, protect public health and prevent foodborne illnesses. Alaska regulations require food establishments to have at least one CFPM on staff.

food safety graphic with fork, spoon, scale and apple

How do I become certified?

After you have completed this training you must take and pass a certification exam before you work as a CFPM. Testing for this certification is computer-based under a proctor in area.

NOTE: Test will be within one week after the training, depending on when a proctor is available in your community. Sign up by April 8 so the book can be mailed to be received before class. Studying it is recommended!

$200 (includes class, study guide and one proctored test)

Register online, or find more information at AK DEH Food Safety & Sanitation Program

Contact: Julie Cascio, 907-745-3677 or jmcascio@alaska.edu

Videoconference via Zoom

Proctored testing available in the following locations:

  • Fairbanks
  • Galena
  • Glennallen
  • Haines
  • Homer
  • Juneau
  • Klawock
  • Palmer
  • Sitka
  • Skagway
  • Soldotna
  • Talkeetna
  • Tok
  • Unalaska
  • Valdez
  • Wrangell

(If you are in another location, please contact jmcascio@alaska.edu with location information before signing up so proctoring can be arranged.)


For cancellation: 100% refund will be made to the payer if the training book has not yet been mailed to the participant 14 days before class. Cancellation requested in writing for this program up to 14 days prior to the class, will be refunded 90% when the original sealed new CFPM book is returned to 1509 S. Georgeson, Palmer, AK 99645. If the book has been opened from its sealing and/or not returned only 40% will be refunded. No refunds will be given if cancellation is after 14 days prior to class.