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Give today to Alaska 4-H and see a legacy of positive youth development continue. The Alaska 4-H Fund is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to raise funds to support the Alaska 4-H program. You may donate to the Alaska 4-H Fund through any of the following methods:

Donate online

Please go to our Alaska 4-H Giving page, or click on the clover:

Your donation will help support 4-H programs all over the state of Alaska. If you would like your funds to support a specific 4-H district or 4-H club, please indicate which club in the comment box on the Giving Page.


Mail your gift

Cooperative Extension Service
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Alaska 4-H
PO Box 756180
Fairbanks, AK 99775


Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program

Please fill out this form using "Alaska 4-H" as the organization name and "83009" as the organization number to link your rewards card to Alaska 4-H. You will still receive your fuel credits and promotional discounts. ​Thank you!



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