The table below lists the degrees and programs currently offered at UAF. Special training programs, occupational endorsements, pre-professional opportunities, and graduate certificates/post baccalaureate certificates can be found lower on the page. Many degree programs offer two or more concentrations in specific subject areas. Review degree program descriptions for information about available concentrations.

Undergraduate Majors
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  
Accounting: minor, bachelor's  
Accounting, Applied: minor, associate  
Accounting Technician: certificate  
Airframe: certificate (see Aviation Maintenance)  
Airframe and Powerplant: certificate (see Aviation Maintenance)  
Alaska Native Languages: minor  
Alaska Native Studies: bachelor's  
American Sign Language: minor  
Anthropology: minor, bachelor's  
Apprenticeship Technologies: associate  
Arctic Skills: minor  
Art: minor, bachelor's ^Top
Arts and Sciences: bachelor's  
Asian Studies: minor  
Associate of Arts: associate  
Associate of Science: associate  
Automotive Technology: certificate  
Aviation Maintenance: associate  
Aviation Technology: minor (see Piloting, Professional)  
Biological Sciences: minor, bachelor's  
Business Administration: minor, bachelor's  
Business, Applied: minor, associate  
Business Management, Applied: certificate  
Chemistry: minor, bachelor's ^Top
Child Development and Family Studies: bachelor's  
Civil Engineering: bachelor's  
Communication: minor, bachelor's  
Community Health: certificate, associate  
Computer Engineering: bachelor's  
Computer Science: minor, bachelor's, bachelor's/master's  
Construction Management: associate  
Construction Trades Technology: certificate, associate  
Culinary Arts: certificate, associate  
Dental Assistant: certificate, associate (see Health, Allied)  
Dental Hygiene: associate  
Diesel and Heavy Equipment: certificate ^Top
Drafting Technology: certificate, associate  
Early Childhood Education: minor, certificate, associate  
Earth Science: bachelor's  
Economics: minor, bachelor's  
Education, Elementary: minor, bachelor's, licensure  
Education, Secondary: licensure  
Educator: Para-Professional: certificate, associate  
Electrical Engineering: bachelor's  
Emergency Management: bachelor's  
Emergency Services: minor, associate  
English: minor, bachelor's  
Environmental Politics: minor ^Top
Environmental Studies: certificate  
Eskimo, Inupiaq: minor, bachelor's  
Eskimo, Yup'ik: minor, bachelor's  
Ethnobotany: certificate  
Film: bachelor's  
Film Studies: minor  
Fisheries: minor, bachelor's  
Foreign Languages: minor, bachelor's  
General Science: bachelor's  
Geography: minor, bachelor's  
Geological Engineering: bachelor's  
Geology: minor, bachelor's  
Global Studies: minor  
Health, Allied: certificate, associate  
Health Care Reimbursement: certificate (see Health, Allied) ^Top
High Latitude Range Management: certificate  
History: minor, bachelor's  
Human Services: minor, associate  
Information Technology Specialist: certificate, associate  
Instrumentation Technology: certificate  
Interdisciplinary Studies: associate, bachelor's  
Japanese Studies: bachelor's  
Journalism: minor, bachelor's  
Justice: minor, bachelor's  
Law and Society: minor  
Leadership and Civic Engagement: minor  
Linguistics: minor, bachelor's  
Mathematics: minor, bachelor's  
Mechanical Engineering: bachelor's, bachelor's/master's ^Top
Medical Assistant: certificate, associate (see Health, Allied)  
Medical/Dental Reception: certificate (see Health, Allied)  
Military Science and Leadership: minor  
Mining Applications and Technologies: certificate  
Mining Engineering: minor, bachelor's
Music: minor, bachelor's  
Native Language Education: certificate, associate  
Natural Resources Management: minor, bachelor's  
Northern Studies: minor, bachelor's  
Nursing Qualifications, Pre-: certificate (see Health, Allied)  
Paralegal Studies: minor, associate  
Petroleum Engineering: bachelor's ^Top
Philosophy: minor, bachelor's  
Physics: minor, bachelor's  
Physics, Applied: bachelor's  
Piloting, Professional: associate  
Political Science: minor, bachelor's  
Power Generation: certificate  
Powerplant: certificate (see Aviation Maintenance)  
Process Technology: associate  
Psychology: minor, bachelor's  
Renewable Resources: associate  
Rural Development: minor, bachelor's  
Rural Human Services: certificate  
Russian Studies: minor, bachelor's ^Top
Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness Technology: certificate  
Social Work: minor, bachelor's  
Sociology: minor, bachelor's  
Statistics: minor  
Technology: bachelor's  
Theatre: minor, bachelor's  
Tribal Management: certificate, associate  
Veterinary Science: certificate  
Wildlife Biology and Conservation: minor, bachelor's  
Women's and Gender Studies: minor  
Yup'ik Language and Culture: bachelor's  
Yup'ik Language Proficiency: certificate, associate ^Top
Graduate Majors
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  
Anthropology: master's, doctoral  
Arctic Engineering: master's  
Art: master's  
Atmospheric Sciences: master's, doctoral  
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: master's, doctoral  
Biological Sciences: master's, doctoral  
Business Administration: master's  
Chemistry: master's  
Civil Engineering: master's  
Communication, Professional: master's  
Computer Science: bachelor's/master's, master's  
Counseling: licensure, master's ^Top
Creative Writing: master's (see English)  
Cross-Cultural Studies: master's  
Economics, Resource and Applied: master's  
Education: licensure, master's  
Electrical Engineering: master's  
Engineering: doctoral  
Engineering Management: master's  
English: master's  
Environmental Chemistry: master's, doctoral  
Environmental Engineering: master's  
Environmental Quality Science: master's  
Fisheries: master's, doctoral ^Top
General Science: master's  
Geological Engineering: master's  
Geology: master's, doctoral  
Geophysics: master's, doctoral  
Indigenous Studies: doctoral  
Interdisciplinary Studies: master's, doctoral  
Justice, Administration of: master's  
Linguistics, Applied: master's  
Marine Biology: master's, doctoral  
Mathematics: master's, doctoral  
Mechanical Engineering: bachelor's/master's, master's  
Mineral Preparation Engineering: master's ^Top
Mining Engineering: master's  
Music: master's  
Natural Resources and Sustainability: doctoral  
Natural Resources Management: master's  
Natural Resources Management and Geography: master's  
Northern Studies: master's  
Oceanography: master's, doctoral  
Petroleum Engineering: master's  
Physics: master's, doctoral  
Physics, Computational: master's  
Physics, Space: master's, doctoral  
Psychology, Clinical-Community: doctoral ^Top
Rural Development: master's  
Science Management: master's  
Software Engineering: master's  
Statistics: master's  
Wildlife Biology and Conservation: master's  
Special Training Programs  
Food Science and Nutrition  
Law Enforcement Academy  
Paramedic Academy  
Welding and Materials Technology  
Occupational Endorsements ^Top
Administrative Assistant  
Bookkeeping Technician  
Entry Level Welder  
Facility Maintenance  
Financial Services Representative  
Medical Billing (see Health, Allied)  
Medical Coding (see Health, Allied)  
Medical Office Reception (see Health, Allied)  
Nurse Aide (see Health, Allied)  
Rural Human Services  
Rural Nutrition Services  
Rural Utility Business Management  
Pre-Professional Opportunities ^Top
Library Science  
Medicine (allopathic and osteopathic)
Museum Studies  
Occupational Therapy  
Physical Therapy  
Physician Assistant  
Veterinary Medicine  
Graduate Certificates/ Post Baccalaureate Certificates ^Top
Construction Management  
Education (K - 12, Special Education)