Emergency Management

School of Management
Department of Business Administration

B.E.M. Degree

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Minimum Requirements for Degree: 120 - 121 credits

The Bachelor of Emergency Management degree program focuses on development of the skill sets required to lead and manage individuals and organizations in an increasingly more complex and integrated emergency management and homeland security environment. The program builds upon an individual's technical capabilities derived from education, training and experience in the fire, law enforcement, military or other related fields. This technical expertise is then combined with a curriculum of business administration and emergency management and homeland security instruction. This focus provides students with the operations management knowledge needed to lead and manage individuals, departments or agencies on a day-to-day basis while simultaneously preparing them to excel and lead during times of crisis at the local, regional, national or international levels. This degree is designed specifically to meet the needs of those who provide administrative oversight, supervisory control or leadership and management within the fields of fire, law, emergency medical services, security and other related fields at the local, state, federal and international levels. The degree also provides responders the opportunity to further their education, increase their competitive advantage for promotion and advance their operational understanding of the highly integrated emergency management and homeland security environment of today.

Major -- B.E.M. Degree

  1. Complete the general university requirements. (As part of the core curriculum requirements, complete MATH F107X* or MATH F161X* and STAT F200X.*)
  2. Complete the B.E.M. degree requirements*.
  3. Complete 33 credits of major requirements from the UAF emergency services A.A.S. degree or any regionally accredited institution fire science A.A.S. degree with a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or higher.
  4. Complete the following*:
    ACCT F261--Accounting Concepts/ Uses--3 credits
    BA F307--Personnel Management--3 credits
    BA F343--Principles of Marketing--3 credits
    BA F390--Organizational Theory and Behavior--3 credits
    BA F457--Training and Management Development--3 credits
    ECON F201--Principles of Economics I: Microeconomics--3 credits
    ED F486O/2--Media Literacy--3 credits
    ENGL F314 W, O/2--Technical Writing--3 credits
    HSEM F301--Principles of Emergency Management and Homeland Security--3 credits
    HSEM F412--Emergency Planning and Preparedness--3 credits
    HSEM F423--Disaster Response Operations and Management--3 credits
    HSEM F434--All Hazards Risk Analysis--3 credits
    HSEM F445--Business Continuity and Crisis Management--3 credits
    HSEM F456--Leadership and Influence During Crisis--3 credits
  5. Complete 3 credits from the following:
    BA F317W--Employment Law--3 credits
    BA F452W--Internship in Emergency Management--3 credits
    BA F490--Services Marketing--3 credits
    COMM F300X--Communicating Ethics--3 credits
    COMM F335O--Organizational Communications--3 credits
    COMM F353--Conflict, Mediation, and Communication--3 credits
    BA F490--Services Marketing--3 credits
  6. Minimum credits required--120 - 121 credits

* Students must earn a C grade (2.0) or better in each course.

Note: Of the above, at least 39 credits must be taken in upper-division
(F300-level or higher) courses.

Note: Must take two upper-division writing intensive and one upper-division oral intensive course(s).