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Zhang, Jing--2005--Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering (2005), CEM. University of Science and Technology, Beijing '96, BS; Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics '99, MS; Drexel University, '04, PhD.

Zhang, Mingchu--2003--Assistant Professor of Agronomy (2003), AFES/SNRAS. Agricultural University of Central China '81, BS; University of Alberta, Canada '87, MS; '93, PhD.

Zhang, Xiangdong--2004--Research Associate Professor (2007), IARC. Nanjing Institute of Meteorology '83, BS; Nanjing University '93, PhD.

Zhang, Xiong--2006--Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering (2006), CEM. Tongji University, Shaghai '92, BS; China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research '95, MS; Texas A&M University, '04, DPhil.

Zhao, Yijiang--2005--Assistant Professor of Accounting (2005), SOM. Xiamen University, China '96, BE; '99; University of Nebraska, '05, PhD.

Zhou, Mingming--2007--Assistant Professor of Business Administration (2007), SOM. Nanjing University of Technology '99, BS; Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade '02, MF; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, '07, PhD.

Zhou, Wei (Wendy)--1996--Associate Professor of Geological Engineering (2006), CEM. China Geology University '84, BS; University of Alaska Fairbanks '97, MS; University of Missouri--Rolla, '01, PhD.

Zhou, Xiyu (Thomas)--2003--Assistant Professor of Business Administration (2003), SOM. Jiaotong University, Shanghai '90, BE; China Europe International Business School, Shanghai '96, MBA; Universite de Lausanne, Switzerland, '99, MS; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, '04, PhD.

Zhu, Tao--1999--Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering (2005), CEM. University of Beijing, China '70, BSc; University of Alberta, Canada '86, MS; University of Oklahoma, '91, PhD.

Zilberkant, Eduard--1997--President's Professor of Fine Arts (2005); Director, Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra (2001), CLA. Bowling Green State University '87, BM; '89, MM; Freiburg Musik Hochschule, '91, Diploma; Temple University, '96, DMA.

Zinger, Victor A.--2002--Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Natural Science (2005), BBC/CRCD. Makorov Engineering Marine Academy '74, BS; '75, MS; Hertzen Russian State Pedagogical University, '81, BS; '83, MS; '03, PhD.