Faculty and Emeriti

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Taguchi, Elizabeth L.--1998--Instructor/Adult Basic Education, Developmental English (1998), KUC/CRCD. Connecticut College '66, BA.

Takebayashi, Naoki--2003--Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Biology (2003), CNSM, IAB. Kyushu University '91, BS; Indiana University '00, PhD.

Tannehill, Linda K.--1993--Professor of Extension (2005); District Home Economist/4-H Youth Development Agent Kenai Peninsula District (1999), CES. Kansas State University '82, BS; '88, MS.

Taylor, Barbara--2003--Assistant Professor of Biology (2004), CNSM, IAB. University of British Columbia '87, BS; '90, MS; '97, PhD.

Taylor, Donald (Lee) L.--2002--Assistant Professor of Biology (2002), CNSM, IAB. Yale University '89, BS; University of Florida '90, BS; University of California, Berkeley, '97, PhD.

Taylor, Howard E.--2004--Adjunct Faculty (2004), CDE/CRCD. Furman University '74, BA; Georgia State University '79.

Taylor, Richard W.--2002--Assistant Professor of Computer Applications (2002), KUC/CRCD. Southwest Texas State University '72, BS; University of Virginia '76, MS.

Thibodeau, Michael J.--1986--Instructor of Music, Independent Learning Program (1988), CDE/CRCD. St. Lawrence University '73, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '86, MA; Florida State University, '93, PhD.

Thomas, Amber F.--2006--Assistant Professor of English (2006), CLA. Humboldt State University '94, BA; Washington University '98, MFA.

Thomas, Dana L.--1981--Assistant Provost for General Studies (1996), PROV; Professor of Statistics, CNSM. University of Alaska Fairbanks '74, BS; Oregon State University '78, MS; '82, PhD.

Thompson, Joseph C.--1999--Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Humanities (2005), CLA. State University of New York at Binghamton '91, BA; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne '94, MA; '02, PhD.

Thorsen, Denise L.--2000--Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2000), CEM. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne '85, BS; '91, MS; '96, PhD.

Titus, Jordan J.--1990--Associate Professor of Sociology (2001); Chair, Department of Sociology (2001), CLA. Acadia University '77, BA; '79, BA; University of Toronto, '83, MA; '90, PhD.

Todd, Susan K.--1990--Associate Professor of Regional and Land Use Planning (2002), AFES/SNRAS. Bryn Mawr College '75, BA; University of Michigan '79, MA; '95, PhD.

Tolbert, Judith M.--1997--Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education (1997), SOE. Macalester College '65, BA; University of Alaska Fairbanks '74, MEd.

Toniolo, Horacio A.--2003--Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (2003), CEM. Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina '91, BS; '99, MS; University of Minnesota, '02, PhD.

Toopetlook Jr, John W.--2007--Assistant Professor of Yup'ik (2007), KUC/CRCD. University of Alaska Fairbanks '04, BA; '04, BA.

Trainor, Jerry A.--1997--Term Assistant Professor of Construction Trades (2005), IAC/CRCD. University of Idaho '87, BS; '89, MEd.

Trainor, Sarah F.--2003--Research Assistant Professor (2006), INE. Mount Holyoke College '92, BA; University of California, Berkeley '98, MA; '02, PhD.

Trainor, Thomas P.--2003--Assistant Professor of Chemistry (2003), CNSM. Colorado School of Mines '95, BS; Stanford University '01, PhD.

Triplehorn, Julia H.--1970--Associate Professor of Library Science (1985), GI. Ohio Wesleyan University '57, BA; University of Illinois '60, MSLS.

Truffer, Martin--1995--Associate Professor of Physics (2006), GI, CNSM. ETH Zurich, Switzerland '95, Diploma; University of Alaska Fairbanks '99, PhD.

Turnbow, Kerry L.--2001--Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology (2001), CLA. Oklahoma State University '85, BA; Asbury Theological Seminary '95, MS; '99, MDiv; Christian Life School of Theology, '01, DMin.

Tuttle, Siri G.--2003--Assistant Professor of Linguistics (2003), ANLC. University of Washington '90, MA; '98, PhD.