Faculty, Staff and Emeriti

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Dafoe, Don M., Executive Vice President, Emeritus. Valley City State College '37, B.A.; University of Idaho '48, M.S.; Stanford University '61, Ed.D. (1966--1976) Deceased.

Darnell, Frank, Professor of Education, Emeritus. Colorado State University '51, B.S.; University of Alaska '62, M.Ed.; Wayne State University '70, Ed.D. (1966--1978).

Davis, Charles W., Professor of Music, Emeritus. State University of Iowa '37, B.A.; '48, M.A. (1963--1979) Deceased.

Davis, T. Neil, Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus. University of Alaska '55, B.S.; California Institute of Technology '57, M.S.; University of Alaska '61, Ph.D. (1953--1982).

Dean, Frederick, Professor of Wildlife Management, Emeritus. University of Maine '50, B.S.; '52, M.S.; State University of New York '57, Ph.D. (1954--2001).

DeCorso, Theodore, Professor of Music, Emeritus. University of Connecticut '65, B.S.; The Juilliard School '67, M.S.; University of Connecticut '77, Ph.D. (1974-1999).

Deehr, Charles Sterling, Professor of Physics, Emeritus. Reed College '58, B.A.; University of Alaska '61, M.S.; '68, Ph.D. (1958--1988).

DiCecco, Bruno, Professor of Music, Emeritus. Yale University School of Music, '57, B.M.; '58, M.M. (1981--1998).

Dieterich, Robert A., Professor of Veterinary Science, Emeritus. University of California '61, B.S.; '63, D.V.M. (1967--1987).

Dinkel, Don H., Professor of Plant Physiology, Emeritus. University of Minnesota '54, B.S.; '60, Ph.D. (1960--1966, 1968--1983).

Distad, Jack, Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus. Montana State University '53, B.S.; '55, M.S. (1955--1994) Deceased.

Douglas, Jim E., Professor of Extension, Emeritus. University of Nevada Reno '70, B.S.; '74, M.S. (1984--2003).

Drew, James V., Dean of School of Agriculture and Land Resources Management, Emeritus; and Director of Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, Emeritus. Rutgers University '52, B.S.; '57 Ph.D. (1976--1996).