Training Institute for Partnerships in Science (TIPS) for Teachers

A teacherBioPREP offered its first Training Institute for Partnerships in Science (TIPS) for Teachers course in the summer of 2009. TIPS serves as a teacher professional development course, addressing both the teaching methods and the “bigger picture” of science by fostering increased engagement among teachers and students. The training provides teachers with a deeper understanding of molecular biology and biotechnology, while also allowing time for pedagogical strategy and comparison with other teachers. 

TIPS aims to increase teachers' competency in the biotechnology subject matter as well as help them to build a strong support structure through networking opportunities with fellow science educators.  Upon successful completion of the TIPS course, teachers will become participating members of the BioPREP TIPS team.  TIPS teachers receive curriculum, logisitical, and technical support from BioPREP staff throughout the academic year to achieve their predetermined implementation strategies.