Virtual Library Tour in Words

The main room of the library is organized with new releases and DVDs in the front row. Behind this you can see the Young Adult section. Young Adult Fiction is first. It is organized alphabetically by author last name. At the end of the row is Young Adult Nonfiction, which is organized according to the Dewey Decimal Subject Classification System. Each book is labeled with a number indicating its subject and the first three letters of the author’s name. They are first placed in numeric order then alphabetical by author. This means that books on the same subject can be found together and that within the subjects books by the same author will be side by side.

The next isle starts with Graphic Novels at the far end. Graphic Novels are books that are a mix between written words and images that convey complex stories. 

Adult Fiction starts where Graphic Novels leave off. As with Young Adult Fiction, Adult Fiction is labeled with the first three letters of the authors name and organized alphabetically. Adult Fiction is very popular and takes up several rows. After Adult Fiction we have Adult Nonfiction. Again like its Young Adult counterpart, Adult Nonfiction is organized using the Dewey Decimal System. 

Reference is located at the back of the library and consists of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and atlases. These books cannot be checked out of the library.

Audiobooks and other audio materials are located on the ends of the shelves facing the windows. Towards the back we start with Fiction then transition into Nonfiction and musical. All audiovisual materials share the organization schemes of their book counterparts.

The Alaska Room houses our Alaska Collection. As the name implies, the Alaska Collection encompasses all materials related to Alaska, including archived newspapers, local Fiction and Nonfiction, audiovisual materials, and regulations. It also serves as a meeting space for clubs and classes.

Children’s Books are kept in the children’s book room. In the middle of the room we have Picture Books and a play space for young children. Around the outside of the room there are shelves containing books for older children. First we have the Battle of the Books titles, which are grouped by age ranging from Kindergarteners to High School Seniors. After that is Children’s Nonfiction, followed by Children's Fiction. Children's audiovisual materials are located on the right side of the housing and food Books are to the left.