About us

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is composed of an expanding group of energetic faculty. We share a common interest in the physical, chemical, and dynamical processes of the polar atmosphere. Our interests cover a broad spectrum of topics in atmospheric sciences, with research results often bearing directly on society and issues surrounding climate variability and change. Many of us also maintain research interests in other regions of the globe.

Mission statement and goals

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences provides scientists and scholars with the training and insight to understand the physical, chemical and dynamical processes of the polar atmosphere. We will maintain a program of high quality and produce scientists capable of solving current technological problems and anticipating the challenges of the future.


Study in a place where Climate Change is actually happening

What would cause clouds to form in this wave
like pattern?
kelvin-Helmholtz wave clouds

Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability - learn more

Do you have a photo of an interesting     atmospheric  phenomena and wonder what the science behind it is?

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